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How to Shop my Posts with Like to Know it + my 1 Year Anniversary with rewardStyle

How to Shop my Posts with Like to Know it + my 1 Year Anniversary with rewardStyle

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On April 10th, 2016, I published a blog post on How to Monetize your Blog with Popsugar's Shopstyle Collective. On April 11th, 2016, I received an email from rewardStyle HQ, saying that my application had been accepted and I was now able to monetize my instagram and blog with Like to Know it and other rS capabilities. I wouldn't post my first instagram with LTKI included until a couple of weeks later (this was it). I also wouldn't change my blog over from Shopstyle to rewardStyle until 4 months later... I was still kind of in shock, as it was my 4th time to apply for rewardStyle and I honestly didn't think I would get in. rewardStyle is an invitation-only web tool that helps style publishers monetize their content. Want to see how rewardStyle compares to Shopstyle and how I did with both of them? Read this post. Since I published it, rS has added an awesome new feature since I posted that...they have a "screenshot to shop" capability that is awesome. 

I get a lot of questions about how to shop my outfits, posts, instagrams, instastories, snapchats, etc. So, on that note, I make money from my blog 2 main ways - sponsored posts and affiliate links. (another way to make money is to use ads, which I don't do a lot of). Anyway, so affiliate links is what you can shop my outfits by. rewardStyle was created to let people shop easy and let influencers benefit from it. Before rS, there were other things you could use to make money from your outfits, but they weren't that reliable, were hard to use, and didn't have most brands. Because all of my outfits are linked with rewardStyle links, you have to sign up for an account (you can do so here). Since I was accepted, I hadn't really "educated" y'all on how to shop my posts, so here's the 411!

1) By "liking" to get an email. This was the original way that like to know it worked! Once you sign up for an account, you literally "like" ltki images and receive an email about 15 minutes after, with links to shop. You can edit preferences to only get emails at once, once a day, etc. I got them right after I liked them, because I usually want to shop them right then;) 

2) By "liking" to access via the app. So same thing that you did above-you just like the image! Instead of getting an email, you have to download the Like to Know it App. The benefit of this is that you get the information immediately and you don't have to wait like you do with the emails! All of your "liked" ltki images will show up here!

3) By typing the url in your browser. This was also one of the original ways to shop with like to know it! You do have to sign up, but once you have an account/login, you can use that link and it takes you to a shoppable page! I'd recommend doing it on a computer instead of your mobile device because it is easier, but either will work!

4) By screenshotting to access via the app. This is new!! You us the same app in number 2! If there's a logo in the bottom righthand corner, that means it can be screenshotted! Now, it doesn't have to have the logo to be screenshotted though...If i say it can be done in the comments, then it means you can, so screenshot away! Once it is ready in the app, you'll get a notification and you can click on it and it takes you to the shoppable page! OR you can just go straight to the app after you screenshot and reload, then it will show up. You know it was one of your screenshotted items, because it will have the same logo from the screenshot logo from instagram, but no heart in the middle.

5) By the "shop with me tab" under categories on LMents of Style. This is a new category on my blog! I will reference this when I try things on via instastories and snapchat. You can go here and shop whatever I'm referencing, without having to sign up for like to know it. Just click and go!

6) By the LTKI Widget at the bottom of LMents of Style. This is also new to my website! All of my instagrams show up here! If you don't want to sign up for like to know it, you can literally just go to lmentsofstyle.com and scroll to the bottom, then click on an image and you are taken to a shoppable page!

So what the heck is this he(art) wall I'm standing in front of? It's a new mural in Uptown here in Dallas - it is at The Standard Pour, by Alli K Design, for rewardStyle! It says #StartedWithaScreenshot and is seriously the cutest! Check it out now through the rest of the summer.

So what is your favorite way to shop my posts? Any questions or clarifications needed that I didn't cover? Let me know. I am happy to help!

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