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How to Keep that Holiday Feeling even after Christmas

How to Keep that Holiday Feeling even after Christmas

Nest Holiday Candle | Rewined Wine Under the Tree Candle | Riedel Stemless Wine Glasses | Christmas Tree Skirt | Bed Bath and Beyond Merry Texmas Towel (couldn't find online, but this pillow is cute!)

You know what I'm talking about...the feeling you get in your soul around November and December. It seems to meander and blow around in the streets, like glitter run loose from the wrapping paper you thought was too pretty to pass up...until it ended up all over your living room floor ;)

Personally, I feel like everyone is nicer in the latter months of the year, then January hits and just like the colder weather, hearts turn back to stone. Why the heck is that and why can't it be Christmas year-round? The world would be a better place, if we were just better to each other! Spreading love and life is the key, but what even causes that to happen?  I mean we should be sharing it every day, but we are human and that doesn't always happen.

So, what prompts those feelings? I'm no scientist - it was honestly a hard subject for me. How I managed to get an A in Advanced Textiles, I'll never know! Yes, Christmas is something we are used to in the U.S., so it comes naturally; however, the true meaning of Christmas - Jesus' birth, should bring great joy everyday! Obviously songs and stories prompt my remembrance, but one of the bigger things I associate Christmas with, are smells. What are your favorite memories? There has to be at least one with food or scents of food or surrounds, in general. You remember what someone smelled like, the aroma of your favorite cookies, and so on. How can we get those feelings, without the holidays? My thinking is candles. Aroma does have an affect people and this is a sure fire way to make it happen for the better. Now, I'm not saying a candle can fix all problems... you're going to need a bubble bath and a bottle of wine, too;) But in all seriousness, it cannot bring back loved ones or fill a void of loneliness, but it can bring back joyful memories, which in turn will help remind you to treat others with love, no matter the situation. You know, like Dallas traffic, for example!

Here are my favorite holiday scented candles. Buy them now and stock up for next year, or even set an alert for next season when they arrive again, because they are already sold out for the year!

1) Rewined Wine Under the Tree - This is currently my number one! It is seasonal, and unfortunately, they are already sold out of it. Set a reminder for next November, when they release it again!

2) Nest Holiday Scent - This is currently my number two. I love the citrus-ny of it. I don't think a lot of people think about citrus during the holidays, but oranges used to play a big part! I love how it is a savory, yet sweet scent.

3) Rewined Spiked Cider - This is technically their fall seasonal, but I still like to burn in throughout winter. It is also a seasonal only, so it is sold out as well. It should be re-released next October. This candle company is my favorite and choosing one of theirs will never be a wrong choice! You might remember that I mentioned them before here and here.

4) Benjamin Soap Co. Pumpkin Spice - Sorry about the seasonals, but this one is too! I received it in my My Texas Market November box. I know it is called pumpkin spice, but in my opinion, it smells more like an apple cider donut than a PSL, and thank goodness it does!

5) Bath and Body Works Winter - These are actually on sale right now! Bath and Bodywork's are known for the scents and I'll be honest... not all of them are for me, but I really like this one!

6) Nest Birchwood Pine - You can never go wrong with a Nest candle! While Rewined is still my number one company, Nest is a close second. Andddd yes, this scent is second to Nest Holiday ;)

7) Thymes Frasier Fir - Nick insists on getting a real Christmas tree and though I don't like the work or clean up involved, I do really like the scent! Maybe next year, I can convince him that we can just use the candle and get a fake tree ;)

8) Volcano Holiday Red - When you start looking into candles, you find that the best ones are often connected. Volcano, Voluspa, and Capri Blue, are all under the same lable! This is my favorite holiday scent, out of the three brands.

9) Diptyque Epices & Delices Candle - You know a candle is a luxury product, when you can't tell what they are from their name! This one is a spicy gingerbread scent and oh so delicious!

10) Diptyque Le Roi Sapin Candle -  This one is a woody scent, that is both soft and masculine at the same time. A winner for any household.

11) VOLUSPA  Cinnamon Ceylon & Copal - I know that peppermint is often times a scent associated with Christmas, but I am cinnamon girl and associate that much more with the holiday, so that's why I love this one!

12) VOLUSPA Spruce Cuttings - This is another good Christmas Tree Scent, which is always a good one! Especially if you or loved ones are allergic and can't have the real thing!

13) VOLUSPA Visions of Sugar Plums - When I choose sweeter scents, I always like them to be a bit savory. This one has a tart cherry and hazelnut scent, that isn't too feminine, plus I LOVE the name.

14) Capri Blue Frankincense Ginger - I'm kind of obsessed with cloves. They are yummy and smell divine. This candle mixes them with grapefruit another personal favorite of mine, which knocks this scent out of the park!

15) Capri Blue Evergreen Frost - This is another Christmas tree scent, but it also has grapefruit and plum, which give it a fun spin!

What do you think? Do scents cause you to travel back in time and wake old memories? Let me know what you think! Did I miss one of your favorite holiday candles? Let me know so I can add to my collection!

I hope you experienced true joy this Christmas season. Happy almost new year!

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