How to Find the Most Comfortable Off the Shoulder Dress (or top!)

Band of Gypsies Off the Shoulder Dress | Seychelles Wedges (s/o, similar here) | OPI Be there in a Prosecco Nail Polish | Kendra Scott Lauren Earrings

I was a little bit late jumping on the off the shoulder (OTS) trend, but I am a huge fan now! (Remember these posts? White off the Shoulder and Tropical OTS Romper) I think what part of my hesitation (and still kind of is), is that the "off the shoulder" stretchy part isn't my idea of comfy. It restrains me from doing normal know like raising my arms above my head, hugging people, carrying things on my shoulder. Ah, anything for fashion, right?

Well I thought I'd just have to suffer through this fab trend, like the rest of us, BUT not anymore. I didn't know it was possible to feel comfy and cute in OTS, but now I know exactly what to look for in an off the shoulder piece, now, thanks to this dress!

So, what is it you need to check for? The literal "off the shoulder" part! A lot of pieces insert a band of elastic or sew it along the inside portion. You want to buy a piece that's sewing technique is shirring. Shirring in layman's terms is simply stitching with elastic thread, which naturally creates a give/stretch. It uses the actual fabric to stretch, rather than inserting anything "extra", so it's naturally more comfortable! You're welcome!

The dress I'm wearing is under $50 and is the most comfy off the shoulder piece, I've ever worn! It is the perfect example of shirring and perfect for summer. It's breezy and flowy and fitting for the beach or for brunch. Unfortunately, you can't really tell if a dress has shirring via online shopping, so make sure the company has a good return policy just try it in person, if you can. Happy shopping! Oh, and happy arms, too ;)

Have you ever experienced the uncomfortableness of an off the shoulder piece? This helps SO much!

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