How to Decide where to Go on your Honeymoon (or next vacation!!)

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 I feel like people are always telling me "how do you go to so many cool places?!" Well, I do get opportunities through my blog, but it is also because Nick and I both love to travel, so it's something we think about often. Travel is typically something you have to plan for. Not to say I wouldn't hop on a plane randomly tomorrow if I was given the opportunity to do something neat; but, most people can't do that. So what's the first thing you have to do? Start thinking about it! I encourage you to make a list of places you'd like to go, just in general. Do this before anything else and make it somewhere you won't forget it. Next, think about these 4 things and they will help you choose!

1) Consider Time of year. When are you wanting to travel? This will affect a lot of things like cost and weather. I mean if you can only go to Costa Rica in the rainy season, rainy Costa Rica is better than no Costa Rica!! For our honeymoon, we only had one time to go and that was right after the wedding, so late October/early November is what we had to work with.

2) How long do you have to travel? Say you want to go to the Maldives, but don't have that much time. You probably shouldn't choose that location (depending on where you live), as the flights are super long and you will spend more time traveling. The takeaway? If travel time is more than 1/2 a day and you have a short period of time to go, you should choose somewhere closer.  Nick and I took a week off from work for our honeymoon. We would have loved to stay longer, but couldn't due to lack of PTO. Our one week was really the max we could do!

3) What climate do you prefer? This relates back to when you are wanting to travel. If you want to go to Tahoe to ski, but only have travel time in July, you'll need to see if you can travel some other time or go somewhere else to ski. Be smart about it! We both wanted to go somewhere sunny and beachy! October /November was the perfect time for Saint Lucia, because it is the end of their rainy season and the beginning of their resort season. It did rain a little, but not too much.

4) What is your budget? This should really be set at the beginning. If you want to go to Thailand because it is cheap and beautiful, you'll have to understand that it might end up being more expensive than other places, due to the flights. Either skip the trip this go-around to save, or choose somewhere, where the flights aren't 10k round trip! Nick and I paid for our honeymoon ourselves. "Tradition" usually has the groom's family cover this, but that isn't as common as it used to be. I would say for sure spend something on the honeymoon, but don't put yourself in debt because of it. Live within your means. You don't have to go halfway across the world to have a good time with your boo!

 Do you have ideas about how to choose where to go, besides just placing your finger on a random spot on the globe? Throw them at me! I would love to have more tips to decide, because I really want to go everywhere! One of my personal "fun" goals is to have visited every continent!

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Like I mentioned in the title, this is honestly a great list of things to think about when you are trying to think of where to travel in the first place! For SURE make a list of places you want to go and continually add to it. This will not only keep travel on your mind, but will remind you to budget for it. Remember, travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer!!

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