Honeymoon Packing List ft. Delsey

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Happy Friday, friends! I don't if you've noticed, but I've had two late blog posts this week...Monday's and today's! This is totally against my nature, but I think it's for the good? Or maybe the island vibes are still with me ;) We have had such a busy week! We got back in Dallas, super late Saturday night, you might as well call it Sunday morning.  Between trying to unpack, wash a week's worth of vacation clothes, bring in wedding gifts, and move Nick into my apartment, it hasn't left much time...let's just say that. I know it's only two weeks from the wedding, but I'm still super embarrassed I haven't written thank you notes yet - hoping to do it this weekend, between unpacking Nick's things and celebrating his birthday! Seriously where has the time gone?

It feels like just yesterday, we were planning our honeymoon. If you couldn't tell, I'm very much a planner, so as you could guess, my packing and such wasn't stressful, because I had prepared. One thing that I knew early on, is that I wanted us to have good luggage! I'm a Delsey ambassador, so yes I work with the brand, but I truly love it, too! This was my last Delsey post - featuring my top 10 travel hacks! I really liked that suitcase, but these newly modeled chatelet suitcases are my DREAM. Nick loved them, too! He often ends up carrying my luggage (because he wants to), and their all way rolling capabilities are clutch. But, let's be real. I love them because they are pretty and great quality! A good suitcase is the base of a good trip - bad luggage leads to it falling apart, lots of frustration, and even sometimes loss of items! If you have this, then you're ready to go onto the next part - the actual packing!! So, here we go. This is what I packed and suggest you pack for a beachy, week long honeymoon!

Official Packing List:

9 Dresses - I brought 2 dresses that double as coverups, 4 maxi dresses, 4 above the knee dresses, and 1 tee dress. The longer dresses were more on the formal side, so they were for nicer dinners. The shorter dresses could be worn during the day or at a casual dinner. I love versatility, so the 2 dresses that doubled as coverups were great for minimizing suit case space used and perfect from beach to boardwalk looks.

2 Kimonos - Are y'all tired of me using the word versatility yet? I wore one of the kimonos here with a dress, but I also wore it over bikinis. Two birds, one stone!

3 Pair of Shorts - shorts are staples to wear in town, or over your bikini bottoms. I wanted a light and dark pair, plus a black pair for good measure.

5 Tops - I only brought 3 and wished I had more. Button downs are great because you can layer them, wear them normal, or even to the beach.

5 Swimsuits ( 1 one piece, 4 bikini) - You might think this is excessive, but they don't take up much room. I don't know about y'all, but I hate wearing cold, wet swimsuits. I wanted to make sure I had a dry one for everyday. If you are doing water sports or activities, I'd consider brining a one piece, too.

1 Empty plastic bag - What if you want to take a last minute swim before you leave to catch your flight? Just put your swimmies in this bag and keep it from making your whole suitcase wet!

2 Knits - It can get chilly at night by the water and even super breezy where you are staying. I brought one sweater and  one cardigan. The sweater was perfect with shorts, for a moonlit walk and the cardigan was perfect to bring to dinner.


5 Pairs of shoes - Honestly this was the category I was most proud of myself in! I tend to go overboard with shoes. This trip I just brought rubber flip flops, a wedge sandal, flat sandal, transitional bootie, and a pair of tennis shoes. How'd I do it? Stick with neutrals, so they go with everything!

1 Pair of Jeans - I wore these on the plane and they were definitely good to have. The ones I linked below are all under $100!

3-5 pieces of  non-priceless jewelry - The last thing you want to do is have Grandma's ring stolen, while you are in Mexico. I stick to Kendra Scott and BaubleBar for my travel pieces. Yes, I love them but they are replaceable. Make sure you leave your wedding rings at home, unless they are insured.

Camera - We brought my Canon 60D, with a flat and zoom lens. Honestly the new iphone camera is pretty sweet too. That's what Nick took this with. I know a lot of people like to go the go-pro route for this as well.

Laptop - This may not be you, but we always travel with at least one. We like to watch movies on the plane, but also download pictures from sim cards immediately, to make room for more. You might consider this, even if you are planning on going unplugged.

Chargers - Camera, phone, laptop chargers, you name it. Bring it. Don't leave it plugged into the wall!

Tickets/confirmations - Sometime technology will fail us, but paper never does.

Passport and ID - super important! Even if you are just going domestically, it's easier to travel with your passport and this case is just the cutest! BE SURE TO HAVE PAPER COPIES JUST IN CASE!

Cash - Credit Cards are good too, just be sure to alert your bank that you are traveling. You can usually do this online. Cash is super important - I'd take around $300-$500.

Outside Accessories - Whether you are beaching or hiking, sunglasses and hats are important. If you forget them, they can be ridiculously expensive at the destination. I brought 1 sun hat, 1 baseball cap and 2 pair of sunglassess - a nice pair and a cruddy pair.

1 Crossbody Purse - Y'all know Cuyana is my favorite. I carried the burgundy rectangle crossbody and it was perfect. It fits in my carry on when I don't want to wear it, but holds all my necessary info.

Protein Bars - I get hangry and I know it. Protein bars are easy ways to combat this. Be prepared! These are my favorite :) I brought one for every day - Nick and I split them.

Toiletries - Bring what you need! Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, pills, etc. Travel sizes are preferred! Don't forget to pack them in a ziploc, in case something explodes under cabin pressure.

Sun and Outside care - Sunscreen is like a billion dollars if you try to buy it on location. Don't forget about your lips - EOS grapefruit SPF 30 lip balm is my jam. Another thing for tropical locations...BUGS! Don't forget your bug spray.

Bras  - I'd say at least bring 2, so you can trade off days and let them air out- it gets hot and sticky! Don't forget sports bras, too!

Undies - So, i bring 2 pair per day, because  if you are out during the day, then com back and shower/get ready for dinner, you don't want to put the same pair on. Also, it never hurts to have extra, than the other way around!

Loungewear - For when you don't want to be in real clothes!  I brought around 4 items and it was the perfect amount.

Workout clothes - This doesn't mean you're planning to work out, I promise! Do take some time to relax, but a couple options don't hurt, especially if you are planning on exploring.



Lingerie - I think some people don't like the idea of this, but you do you! I'm not going to link lingerie I brought, but here's some I like! Aerie is my secret weapon, but you already know that if you read this! They are pretty and in price point.

Consider where you are going, because they might have these items:

1 Robe - My first location had one, my second didn't, so I was glad I brought mine.

1 Hair Dryer - This was wasted space in my luggage. I couldn't use it anywhere without blowing a fuse.

Outlet adapter - The outlets are different in Saint Lucia - most places have adapters, but you never know.

International Cell Phone Plan - Nick is with Spring, so he gets one for free. ATT is what I'm on, but I didn't buy a plan from them. I just turned off cellular and used Wifi.

Did I miss anything that you would have packed? Let me know, so I can update it. This list can really be used for any trip,  not just a honeymoon. What's the worst thing you have ever forgotten to pack? Stay tuned for more about my Saint Lucia trip! 

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