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Golden Tote Review

Golden Tote Review

Golden Tote (c/o) | Feather Dress | Kendra Scott EarringsNecklace, and Cuff | Essie Master Plan Nail Polish | Nude Pointed Toe Flats

Taking a break from my Golden State series, to bring y'all Golden tote;) 

Y'all, I swear! I feel like I finally got a handle on things and then I get another curve ball. Surprise! Yesterday morning I fell down my stairs, on the way to my gym. Imagine it pitch black outside and laying on the ground, crying for Nick (who of course came running!). Anyway, I gave my ankle a nasty twist, so we'll see how this goes... I will barely get up from my computer at work, because it hurts to walk so much; however, even before that I was pretty glued to my screen.

Anyone else online shopper only? I mean I'll go to the mall, but I usually know exactly what I'm getting and I'm too busy (most days) to just casually walk from store to store. The world has recognized this for sure, with all of the online subscriptions you can get. I mean hey, I'm not going to complain! Recently I was contacted by Golden Tote to review their services, which I had never heard of prior; however I'm so glad I learned about them, because they are awesome! Don't worry, I'll give you the lowdown :)

Golden Tote was founded by clothing designers in LA. They wanted to create a "box service" that everyone could do, regardless of their budget. The founders work with fashion brands to get deep discounts and even design some of the pieces themselves, keeping the costs low. They have new releases the first Monday of every month, to keep you and your closet happy! It's not only great for people like me who don't have time to shop, but also for those who don't really know what to get. Some of my favorite outfits have come from other people picking my looks for me, so I really liked this. Okay so what do you get and how much does it cost, right? Glad you asked!

Golden Tote has 3 different options and price points:

1) The Mini Tote: $59 - contains 2 items. 1 you pick, the other, the stylist chooses.

2) The Surprise Tote: $89 - contains 3 items. The stylist chooses all 3.

3) The Golden Tote: $149 - contains 5 items. 2 you pick and the other 3, the stylist chooses.

I had the Golden Tote option. What I love about this service is that you know you'll like at least 2 of the items, because you picked them out! Most services you either are choosing everything (what's the fun in that) or everything is a surprise (kind of risky). They actually just updated their return policy, so you are able to return the items you don't like! Your box is perfectly curated to you - there's not another one like it!

So what did I get?

1) Feather Dress - This was my favorite! I loved the cut and colors, but mostly because of the silhouette. It's loose fitting and is longer in the back. Perfect for work or church, but I'd also feel comfortable wearing it to dinner.

2) Blue and White Striped Top - Such a good top, but I hate that I can't wear it longer, since summer is almost over. The cold shoulder and the bows are a great spin on a traditional blue and white top.

3) Chevron Tank Dress -  I typically don't like dresses that are empire an flowy, because it makes me look preggo, but this one was cute! I have already worn it to work.

4) Flower Lace Up Dress -  Okay, so at first I didn't like this, but I really do like it now! It laces up the front and has ruffles. Needless to say it is darling. I can wear it into fall, because it is black with florals :)

5) Paisley Pajama Pants - Such a comfy around the house pant! Perfect to throw on with an oversize tee.

Honestly I think that Golden Tote is kind of like Christmas morning. You know you'll get some good stuff, but then there's always the surprises you don't know about...except Golden Tote's surprises are always good ;)

Want to try it for yourself? Start creating your style profile now, by clicking here!

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