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Gift Guides for Her: Mostly under $100

Gift Guides for Her: Mostly under $100

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Happy Sunday, friends!! I feel like I'm so late with these this year, BUT I feel like I brought my A-game. I polled y'all on insta-stories and asked if you wanted it by price-point or category and it was pretty dead even, SO I went with the category approach. But, when I was searching for gifts,  I tried to keep things under $100. Because 1) who can afford to buy everyone gifts over $100 and 2) if you are buying someone a gift over $100, you already know what you're getting them, because it's something specific. So, here we go! I divided them into 10 different categories, so you're bound to find something for everyone! You can shop all of these collages by simply clicking on the image. If it won't click through, just refresh the page and click again. It should work!

Fitness Fanatic - your super active lifestyle friend

Eat Pretty Book. Eating is more than half of the battle! This also doubles as a pretty coffee table book!

Vulken Vibrating Foam Roller. This is my current favorite thing! It takes foam rolling to a whole 'nother level!

Nike Roshe Tennis Shoes. Classic Nikes that are great for walks or running to your airport terminal.

Seattle Wireless Headphones. These are pretty and pink, plus they don't plug in. I love the bluetooth capability.

Zella Leggings. These are their live in legging and they are great for lounging or lunging!

Fitness Pillow. Perfect motivation ;)

E.L.F. Sport Face and Body Wipes. Sometimes you just don't have time to shower. Use these until you can hop in later that day.

Earwarmer. Even if it's cold, you gotta get out there and just do it. This one is a classic.

Nike Half Zip Top. It's Nike and it's cute, sooon I'm sold.

Presto Fly Nike Tennis Shoes. Honestly, I just love the maroon hue, but I also love all Nike tennish shoes.

Supergoop Suncreen. The active person is usually outside a lot. Sunscreen is needed all the time and this is one of the best!

E.L.F. Active Cooling Spray. It's about time someone made an active line. Use this after you workout to keep that glow going all day.

Foot Massage Roller. Even if you don't have plantar fasciitis, get this, because it feels amazing!


Wandering Soul - your friend who is always in a window seat

Cord Case. Stay organized AND charged up with this case!

The Wander List Book, Can you have enough journals? This one would be perfect to write about your travels in!

Cuyana Backpack. I'm dying for this backpack! I've had my eye on it since New York Fashion Week.

Vince Warren Slip on Tennis Shoes. Seriously the perfect walking shoe. No blisters here! Well worth the price.

Cuyana Heart Tote. Mini totes are key for staying organized in your bags and purses. This one is too cute for words!

Beaches Gray Malin Book. The king of coffee table books and prints!

Rebecca Minkoff Laptop Case. Have you seen a prettier laptop case? I want this so bad!

Ray-ban Erik Sunglasses. You neeeeed polarized sunglasses. These are easy to wear and look good with everything. They are my favorite sunnies right now.

Cuyana Mini-tassel bag. I just got it in red and it is so cute! Crossbody purses are perfect for travel, because they are easy to carry and have a zipper.

Rebecca Minkoff Passport Case. I love the fun phrase passport cases, but sometimes they go out of style. This one will be in forever!

Jewelry Holder. Keep your jewelry safe and sound, in this traveling holder. I always put mine in my carry on.

Otterbox Phone Case. You can kind of tell, but it has glitter specks in the phone case! Otterbox cases are my favorite, becasue they are drop proof!

Cuyana Weekender Bag. I use this bag as my carry on. I love how chic it is!

Clothing Rod for your Car. Nick bought me this, so I can properly hang up my clothes for photo shoots! It'd also be great for road trips.

Push Pin Map. Perfect for the traveler who wants to document where they have been. Just add push pins!


Animal Lover - your friend who prefers animals over people

Christmas Dog Socks. So cute, you'll be tempted to sport them year-round!

My Dog is my Co-Pilot Tee. Funny, but true! 

 Cat Mirror. Get ready in sassy cat style!

Dog Puzzle. A gift that actually supports brain health;) It's a fun puzzle you'll be able to do for years to come.

Being Human Book. You can't beat a good coffee table book, especially when it sparks conversation.

Happy Cat Mug. I mean "happy" is in the name! It's the perfect mug to start your day with.

Cat Moss Print. Is there anyone more chic?;)

Doggie Ornament. There's pretty much an ornament for every breed. It's perfect to honor a pet's memory or welcome a new one into the family.

Meowy Christmas Wine Glass. Whether you are drinking wine or water out of it, you can't help but smile at the message!

Dog People Mug. Dog person, cat person, or people person? There's a mug for each of you!

Faux Fur Pet Bed. I just bought this for the kitties and I'm so excited for it to come in. They are going to love it!

Ted Baker Cat Tote. It's classy and catty! Bring your gym clothes or just use it as a catchall.

Ted Baker Kittie Purse. I love this because it looks classy enough to wear anywhere, without being to childish. It comes in 4 colors, too!

Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed Book. When someone needs a book to give them belly laughs!


Wino - your friend who always brings a bottle to the party

Wine Dogs Book. Isn't this the cutest coffee table book you have ever seen?!

If you can read this bring me wine socks. I meannnnn they need these.

Crystal Wine Stopper. Not that you don't finish your wine, but these are beautiful! They also would look good on a bar cart.

Riedel Polish Cloth. Just use steaming water and this cloth, and your glasses will be perfect!

This Wine is Making me Awesome Sweatshirt. Brunette the Label did this as a tee but they brought it back as a sweatshirt with rose gold foil, which is PERFECT for the holidays.

Wine Tumbler. Fun for drinking outside!

I'm Dreaming of a Wine Christmas Tee. A fun spin on a classic Christmas movie!

Riedel Vinum XL Glasses. The Riedel Vinum XL glasses are Nick's favorite. They are HUGE and beautiful.

Wine Wipes. To wipe your teeth after a good night out...or in;)

Waiter's Corkscrew. I know it's not the prettiest, but this is the kind of corkscrew you need! The server's corkscrew style is the best.

Rabbit Wine Opener. If you don't like using a normal corkscrew, this opens your wine for you, with air!

Coravin. This is only really a gift for those who have wine collections, but you can also use it if you just want to draw out a glass of wine and not open the bottle.

Wine Time Socks. These are those plush socks that you can't get enough of!

Decanter. Certain wine needs to be aerated. This is a great one!


Coffee Nerd - your friend who lives on caffeine

Self Heating Kettle. This is AWESOME. Nick keeps his at work so he can make coffee, but it's great for things like bridal suites or parties.

Christmas Truck Mugs. Classic Christmas mugs that are great for just displaying or actually using.

The Curious Barista's Guide to Coffee Book. This book will look so classy in a kitchen set up. It's pretty and actually spits some cool knowledge.

Bear Mug. This mug looks like the holiday season, but can easily be used throughout the whole year!

Mug Warmer. How genius is this?! Give it to the person who always forgets where they put their coffee and by the time they do, it's cold!

Food Scale. You can measure your coffee beans or baking goods! A NECESSITY for a kitchen.

Chemex. Not many know the beauty of pour overs. This is the first step in the right direction!

Chemex Filters. Buy these to use with your Chemex:)

Burr Grinder. This is the grinder Nick uses at work! It is great for simple pour overs. 

Types of Coffee Print. This is a little bit more co-ed, if you need it to not be so girly! I love how it lists all the types of coffee drinks.

But First Coffee Print. Duh. It's pretty and rings true for most people!


Homebody - your friend who is always throwing girls-night-in parties

Pouf Floor Cushion. I just bought this to put by my long mirror. Can't wait for it to get here!

Microfiber Blanket. You cannot go wrong with this blanket! I love it and so do my cats;)

Rewined Candle. These are my favorite. Even the non-wine drinkers love them!

Humidifier. I sleep with this every night! Add an essential oil and you've got a solid gift!

Letterboard. These are so trendy and fun. An easy gift!

Ugg Scuffette II Slipper. These are my favorite slippers of all time! They are worth every penny.

Nest Diffuser. You can't get better than the Nest Holiday scent. I love this one, because there's no flame required!

Chunky Knit Blanket. I think this is on everyone's Christmas list! It's so chic and beautiful

Geode Coasters. These are STUNNING and keep your table looking stunning too;)

White and Gold Trays. These are beautiful and can just sit out or be used for parties and such.

White Stone Bookend.  Use it as a paper weight or a bookend - it's too pretty not to!

Microfiber Throw Pillow. This pillow goes with everything, from couch, to bed!


Aspiring Chef - your friend who is in charge of the food

Marble Cheese Board. It's so pretty, I'm not sure who wouldn't be happy with this gift!

Heart Le Creuset. I love the quality of Le Creuset, plus this is darling to leave out, even when you're not using it.

Spiralizer. This will open your eyes to the possibility of veggies! This noodle maker is awesome.

Goldtouch Baking Set. I bake with these and they are awesome!

Instapot. I don't have this, but I know a ton of people do and love it! From cooking a whole chicken, to boiling eggs.

Juicer. I have a ginger obsession right now and I'm dying for a juicer, so I can do it myself!

Butter Spreader. The photo shows it being used with corn, but I mainly use it to butter my pans and such, since you're not supposed to use pam on the goldtouch products.

Pot and Pan Chandelier. We have this and LOVE it! it's so fun looking and a total space saver!

Mandolin. We just got this, after Nick kept begging for it. It's such a great slicer!

Programmable Crock Pot. We are all busy and this crockpot can be programmed to turn on, even when you're not there!

Sous Vide Cooker. Nick wants one of these so bad! It can quickly cook meat and all you have to do is sear it!

Santoku Knife. Another one of Nick's favorite things! He's actually the professional chopper in our kitchen;)

Personalized Apron. Every kitchen person needs this! It's professional quality and you can put their name on it!

Tupperware Organizer. I need this. I play the game of "let's shut the door really fast" and Nick HATES it.


Beauty Queen - your friend who is always on fleek

Headband for face washing. Have someone who needs motivation to wash their face? Get them this! It will keep their head dry and they'll look cute while doing it!

Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk. This is the daily cleanser I use most days. It is creamy and isn't harsh. It's also organic and vegan! 

Stila Lippie Gift Set. She'll be set for the whole new year!

Aveda Rosemary Mint set. This is one of my favorite scents! I love it when something smells good, but actually works, too!

Laura Geller Baked Bronzer and Foundation. I first found this at Riley Rose and was so in awe, just by rubbing my finger on it. It is so pretty and makes your skin glow.

Mac Brush Gift Set, Rose gold and fits easily in your carry on? No other words needed!

Jo Malone Gift Set. Jo's scents can be mixed together or worn alone. I love them all, but wood sage sea salt is my favorite. This gives you a little variety!

Tom Ford Lipstick. He just knows what he's doing and is a Texas boy. Who doesn't love a good lipstick?!

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment. This stays on and has beautiful colors! Pair it with a lip pencil in the same hue.

Evo Dry Shampoo w/o Butane. I'll talk more about this later, but this is my first dry shampoo w/o butane and I love it! The scent is amazing too.

Lime Crime Hi-Lite. I just got this, also at Riley Rose and am already obsessed. I have gotten so many compliments on it and haven't even worn it that much.

Stretchy Hair Ties. These are the "new thing" and I love how they lock my ponytail in.


Clothes Horse - your friend who never repeats an outfit

Plaid Scarf. Because, you can never have too many scarves!

Long Line Cardigan. I bought this at the Nordstrom sale this year and love it! It is the perfect, lightweight cardi!

Cozy Cardigan. This is a heavier weight cardigan and is so comfy you might cry. Wear it layered under a coat or around the house while you lounge.

Suede Moto Jacket. I have had this in brown for almost a year, but just snagged it in black on black Friday. It gives a cutesy edge and goes with everything!

Wool Cocoon Coat. This is a coat that will never go out of style. Go ahead and splurge, because you'll wear it the rest of your life.

Cuyana Lock Shoulder Bag.  This is a head turner! It is classy enough for work, but cute enough to bring out on the weekend.

Sherpa Pullover. They wubby look is SO in right now. This is comfy and is perfect for a hike or a Netflix marathon.

Cuyana Bow Clutch. Cuyana is a brand that I LOVE. They are typically very classic, but I love how they got a little trendy with this one.

Moonlight Nightshirt. I have this one in black and just bought it in the wine hue, because it is so comfy and soft!!

Heeled Over the Knee Boot. I got these Madolee Boots at the Nordstrom sale and they are amazing!! 

Flat Over the Knee Boot. This is the flat version of the heeled boot I shared. I have them in brown and they are the best!

Neutral Suede Bootie. These will go with everything and won't make your feet wish you had chosen a better shoe.

Faux Fur Hooded Puffer Jacket. Olive is basically a neutral and this lightweight jacket won't weigh down your luggage, so it's the perfect buy! Especially because it is under $100.

Madewell Black Skinny Jeans. I've come to realize that buying cheap jeans just isn't worth it anymore. These are awesome quality and will last as long as you take care of them.


Techy - your friend who is always searching for the next coolest gadget

Sonos One Speakers. We just snagged these on sale for black Friday and they are top notch. Great for parties!! Plus, they work with Amazon Alexa!

Nest Thermostat. We have had one of these for a while now and it saves us so much money! A MUST have!

HD Antenna. We don't have cable, so this let's us watch football games and such that we wouldn't be able to see otherwise.

Jewelry and Eyeglass Cleaner. I've shown y'all this a couple times - it cleans so well! I love how gentle, yet efficient it is.

Amazon Fire Stick. We have this and love being able to turn our TV on super easily, especially the voice activation.

Blue Yeti Microphone. Nick just bought me this for YouTube videos. I'm so excited to start using it!

Phonetic Eyewear Computer Glasses. This one doesn't actually click through, because it's not on rewardStyle, but they are just so good! I wear them everyday at work and they help lessen my migraines from computer screens. Use code THANKSLAUREN10 for 10% off! 

Amazon Dot. The is the smaller version of the Amazon Alexa. It doesn't have all the features, but it is still cool!

Amazon Alexa. Nick was one of the initial buyers of this. It's great for music, but also is fun for news and weather.


Do you have a gift you have your eye on that I didn't feature? Let me know! I may want it;)

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Gift Guides for Him: Mostly under $100

Gift Guides for Him: Mostly under $100

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