Fall Outfit Essentials under $100

Madewell Flannel Shirt | Long Sweater | Jeans | Dolce Vita Haku Booties (similar) | OPI Can't read without my Lipstick Nail Polish | Baublebar Earrings

Happy end of the week, friends! Depending on when you're reading this, I'm getting married either today or tomorrow! Either way, it's October 28th! I'm packed and ready to head to somewhere warm (Saint Lucia!), but I know that in the U.S., we are headed into the thick of fall! Well...we are still in the 80's in Dallas, but that's neither here nor there! Honestly, if you're somewhere on the warmer end of Autumn, you can just switch out my jeans in this look, for some shorts, and be good to go. Hah!

Anyway, my fall uniform usually consists cardigans, flannels, jeans, and booties, so I decided to do a round up for you of all my favorite styles, under $100! Why? Honestly, because these items are and can be the base of any outfit! Flannels can be worn alone, open, around your waist, knotted, and over dresses. Cardigans are very similar as they can be worn with shorts, jeans, and dress combos. They each add a little pop to your look, that wouldn't have been there otherwise. Yeah, my outfit would have been cute without the long cardi, but doesn't it give it that extra oomph?? Oh and booties? They're just my favorite anyway. They are so versatile (you can wear most year-round) and they are usually comfortable and durable enough to wear while doing all kinds of things whether it be walking to a bonfire or playing tourist. If you missed my ode to them from last month, you can catch it here. Jeans are pretty much self explanatory. Everyone needs a good pair in their closet and in fall, the dark jeans come a calling!

So, without further adieu, here are my top picks for this fall - they will pump up your closet and keep you in budget!





What's your fall wardrobe essentials? I'd love to add some new ideas to my repertoire!

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