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Eyelash Extension Series Pt. 2: Are Eyelash Extensions worth the Money?

Eyelash Extension Series Pt. 2: Are Eyelash Extensions worth the Money?

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2017... the year of the new you, right? You've resolved to find more time for you, exercising, sleeping, etc. So the question is, where are you cutting this time from?! If you spend any time at all doing make up, then you should consider eyelash extensions! If you have questions about them, check out my eyelash extension series Pt. 1: FAQ.

Okay so let's start with the thing that turn most people off to eyelash extensions...the cost. They can be a little different depending on where you go, so I'll just reference my salon. I go to Amazing Lash in Garland; however, there are other locations. 

  • Initial Set of Lashes: $79.99 (introductory offer, normally $250)*
  • Monthly Lash Refill : $55.99  (these usually take an hour - I get them every 3 weeks. If you just need a touch up, you can do a 30 minute touch up for $35.99)**

* most places have some kind of entry deal!

**based on pricing of the membership, because if you're going to invest in eyelash extensions, you are better off with a year membership!

SO if you need one set and 11 refills, that would be $79.99 + 11 x $55.99 = $695.88 per year. Add $15 in some eyelash extension cleaner (like this one) and $5 for some wands to brush through them daily and you're looking at around $715 per year to keep up with them.

Let's look at what it costs to use eye makeup:

  • Mascara - $7 (good for 3 months max)
  • Pencil Eyeliner - $20 (good for 1 year, if you are using gel or liquid, it is only good for 3 months)
  • Eye shadow - $10 (good for 6 months max)

I'm not sure what you use for make up, so I'll just show what I use and at the least amount possible. ($7 mascara x 4) + $20 eyeliner + ($10 eyeshadow x 2) = $68. Throw in $5 for some eye makeup remover x 3 bottles a year and $5 x 12 months for face wipes and you're at $143. 

Okay so, let's compare the $715 to $143.  $143 is on the low scheme of things for what make up costs a year, so I encourage you to check what you buy and do the math. Even if I were to bump up to 6 mascaras a year (1 every 2 months), $157 still doesn't really compare to the full cost of lashes; however, there are a non-tangible costs that are saved by using lash extensions, to consider:

1) Waste: Empties are decreased by receiving eyelash extensions, because you don't need much else. This decreases trash output and you make your tiny impact on the world.

2) Time: This was the real winner for me. It takes me about 2 minutes to do make makeup every day. I only use concealer, loose powder, blush, and a slight gold shimmer on my face. No more making sure the wings of my eyeliner are equal! You can still wear eye makeup with lashes; however, it does decrease the life of them, so I wouldn't recommend it. I also love not having to use eye-makeup remover. Let's be honest...I wasn't good about cleaning them anyway, which isn't really healthy. Now, I just use my normal face wash and am good to go!

3) Vacation: I intend to travel as much as I did last year, so I don't want to increase packing space by makeup. I also don't want the added cost, if I need to get travel size items for carry ons. I like to spend my time sightseeing or relaxing - not putting on make up...not to mention, I don't want to see mascara rolling down my cheeks at the beach. Let's be real - even waterproof gets a little funky!

4) Fitness: On my good weeks, I am running around 4-5 times and practicing yoga. I run in the mornings and the last thing I want to do is cake makeup on my face, while my body is still cooling down. I don't consider myself an athlete...but eyelash extensions are great for athletes. They make your sweaty self somewhat more presentable, especially if you have places to go, immediately after your work out. I would have killed to have these in high school - it would have made getting ready for school, after practice, so much easier! Whether my mom would have thought they were practical for a 17 year old, well...that's another story.

5) Professionals: Whether you work long hours or have an on-the-go lifestyle, they work amazingly. I used to come home after work with my eye-makeup all gone - a real downer if I had somewhere to go after hours. Because of my lashes, I don't have to worry about rubbing off my makeup -  I leave looking as fresh as when I arrived!

This past year I have truly learned the value of time. Sometimes it is better to get take out , than further mess up your kitchen. In the same thought process... sometimes you have to get the salad that costs more than a burger, because it is better for you! You know what I mean? All in all, you have to choose what is best for you...NOT someone else. From working two full time jobs, to planning a wedding, and trying to have a life on top of all of that, you have to cut some things. I know that lash extensions aren't the biggest budget friendly option, but it saves me time and that is what I was short on last year. Before lash extensions, I probably took around 10 minutes to do my morning makeup and around 10 minutes to take it off at night - not to mention touch ups in between!! Lashes save me 20 minutes a day x 365 =  7300 minutes a year. That is around 121 hours! What could you do with 5 daysworth of time freed up? Call an old friend? Volunteer locally? Have some much needed girl time? See? to me they are #worthit I hope you make the most out of your 525,600 minutes in 2017 *CUE RENT SONG* Mic drop.

Feel free to ask me any questions about lashes! I am happy to help.

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