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Elle's Everyday Eats: Week 5

Elle's Everyday Eats: Week 5

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Sunday fundayyyy!!! We have a full day of church, brunch, and football, followed by laundry and napping! Pretty much an ideal Sunday, right?! I love doing these posts for y'all, because they have kept me focused on making sure I get everything ready recipe-wise for the week! Our August has been super busy and when I get home and am worn out for the evening, usually figuring out what to eat takes too much energy. (lol) If I've already decided on a loose menu for the week, I'm set up to make good decisions, because 1) I don't want the food to go to waste and 2) it's a lot easier than deciding that night and having to run to the store. ALSO, I try and pick recipes with varying difficulty levels, so that if I'm totally feeling a Monday, I don't have to make something super in depth. 

Anyway, whether your meal plan for just a couple days or your entire week, cooking at home is where its at for a better body and budgeting. Enjoy this week's picks, below:

Recipe: Greek Lamb with Marinated Roasted Potatoes

Adaptations: I put mine on a bed of spinach leaves and topped with a lemon-yogurt dressing! Also, I let my lamb soak over night!

Wine pairing: GSM

My thoughts: Really good! I shouldn't have cooked the lamb as long as I did, but hey! Notes for next time.

Nick's Rating: 9

Any leftovers? Yes! Several more servings.

Can I make it vegetarian? Without the meat, it would pretty much just be a potato bake, but still good.

Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo

Adaptations: I made my own whole wheat pasta!

Wine pairing: Tempranillo

My thoughts: I should have made the pasta thinner, when rolling it out. Whole wheat can already be thick at times, so I just shouldn't have been as big of a hurry. The sauce was amazing! I had never roasted bell pepper and that in and of itself was a treat.

Nick's Rating: Sauce 9 Pasta 8

Any leftovers? Yes! We had a little pasta left and for sure more sauce.

Can I make it vegetarian? It is!

RecipeFirecracker Meatballs

Adaptations: I used turkey instead of chicken and siracha as my hot sauce base.  I  ate them on a bed of spinach, with fresh pineapple.

Wine pairing: Pinot Noir

My thoughts: This was my favorite meal of the week! Meatballs are probably one of my favorite things to make, because they are so versatile and for the most part, easy! I loved the spicyness and it was to die for with the pineapple!

Nick's Rating: 9

Any leftovers? Yes! Probably about 2 servings left.

Can I make it vegetarian? Not really.

Recipe: Free to Eat GF Pasta with a random sauce:

  • butter
  • greek yogurt
  • garlic
  • onion
  • tomato paste

Adaptations: This was just a "what do I have at home that is easy and good" type of meal. I keep Free to Eat pasta on hand at all times!

Wine pairing: Cab blend

My thoughts: I like to play with sauces when I make this pasta and this one has been my favorite!

Nick's Rating: 8

Any leftovers? We had some pasta left, but barely enough for another meal.

Can I make it vegetarian? It is!

Recipe: Mango Shrimp Stuffed Avocados

Adaptations: I made it with chicken instead of shrimp.

Wine pairing: White Bordeaux

My thoughts: Yummy and fresh! It's also fun to put in a tortilla and make a burrito. I also just love salsa and added some on top of mine!

Nick's Rating: 9

Any leftovers? It made a ton!! Would be good for a group.

Can I make it vegetarian? Yep! Just use black beans instead of chicken.

I wanted to show you the above and below images, because I actually made them with leftover pie crust that I made and featured last week on my tomato pie recipe! The pie crust recipe makes two and because I was making a pizza, I just divided my 1 serving in half, since it needed to be thinner. SO GOOD. The top pizza is just garlic, honey goat cheese, carmelized onion and everything but the bagel seasoning. The bottom is a breakfast pizza inspired by a sweet follower and her Kitchen Sink Breakfast Pizza. Nick ate it during the week and was obsessed with it!!


If you have any favorite recipes, send them my wayyyyy! Happy eating, y'all!



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