Edna Mode was Wrong

Nasty Gal Cape Dress | Steve Madden Heels | NYX Butter Lipstick | Kendra Scott Earrings | Rayban Rounded Wayfarers | Lisa Stewart Wrap | OPI Get in the Expresso Lane Nail Polish

If you never saw The Incredibles when it came out in the early 2000's, chances are that you have no idea what my title is referencing.  Edna Mode is a blunt character who makes super hero costumes and has a thing against capes. She attributes them to every super's downfall. (Here's a clip from the movie-she has her outburst soon after the 2 minute mark). Point blank, I think she is wrong...they can really add some pizzazz to your outfit and keep your look alive!

Capes have gone in and out of popularity throughout the years. I won't say that they were ever out of style, because they actually are very classic in my opinion; however, they began trending a couple seasons ago and have absolutely exploded this fall/winter season. When something explodes, it is usually still present in its traditional form, but more modern, trendy versions also arise! 

I consider this dress more on the trendy side and I love that about it! You know my one complaint about cape tops? You can't don a jacket with them. Your arms get all awkward and your outfit bunches up. Now, if you are wearing a cape-coat, then you have got it made.

Trend Tip: No matter which kind of cape you are wearing, the best accessory you can include is a pair of statement earrings. You don't really need a necklace, because of the extra fabric around your neck, and any bracelets will be covered. Capes are chic, yet simple, so what's not to love?!

How do you feel about this trend? What's your favorite way to rock it? I think this dress takes the cake on my favorite way to wear it! It is classy, elegant, and effortlessly cool!


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