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Dallas Custom Jeweler: Custom by Kathleen

Dallas Custom Jeweler: Custom by Kathleen

Remember the ring from this post? I talked to you about jewelery insurance and showed off my diamond and sapphire for the first time; but, do you remember where it came from? I told you the backstory in this post

Anyway, I loved the ring, but wished I could wear it on my left ring finger! It looked good with just my band, but didn't work with my engagement ring. What to do though? Enter Custom by Kathleen! I worked with her to make the additional wedding band of my dreams!

So where to begin? 

STEP 1: I met with Kathleen and told her what I was thinking and wanting. I handed off my ring, then waited for the magic to happen!

STEP 2: I received a drawing of the specs of my ring and what it was going to look like, etc and approved it to move on to the next step.

STEP 3: I received a CAD (computer aided design) of my ring, which brought us one step closer!

STEP 5: A wax was made of my ring! It's as close to the real thing as possible. I made sure it lined up with my band and went from there!

STEP 6: Final product!! I LOVE my ring that Custom by Kathleen designed just for me!

BlankNYC Suede Miniskirt | Custom by Kathleen Setting (c/o)

So what do you think? Pretty great outcome, right? I wanted the ability to stack my rings or wear them separately Custom by Kathleen Delivered. Are you in the Dallas area and looking for someone to make you a custom ring...engagement ring?;)...or even re-set jewelry, maybe even a family heirloom? Look into Custom by KathleenHere's why: 

-Trustworthy. When making fine jewelry, especially if it's a family heirloom, it's imperative that you use someone you can trust! Kathleen handles jewelry with care, as if it were her own!

-Experienced. Kathleen has over 30 years of experience designing and handling jewelry. Need I say more? 

-Affordable. You might be surprised how affordable custom work is, even more so than mass produced pieces. Want to get a quote and have her work up a design for you? Message her or call her at (214) 796-9186 for more information.

-Amiable. Kathleen is great to work with! She'll listen to your needs and deliver!

-Quality. When you work with Custom by Kathleen, you know you are getting good products. For me it was about working with the finest metals, as she was re-setting mine, but if it is gemstones you need, she can source the best ones for you as well!

-Satisfactory. When you work with Custom by Kathleen, you get exactly what you want and then some. I'm beyond pleased with how my ring turned out! She made sure it lined up with my bands perfectly!

-Unique. When Kathleen designed my ring setting, she actually combined the design work of my engagement ring and my wedding band, so it was still its own piece, but coordinated perfectly. She can create pieces for you from scratch, but her passion is making old diamonds new!

Want to see what else she can do? This was her daughter's wedding ring she helped her son-in-law design and even more stunning (if that's possible) is this yellow diamond ring! See testimonials and more photos HERE. I couldn't recommend her more!

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