Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Dry Shampoo without Butane

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Evo Water Killer | American Eagle Aerie Softest Sleep Robe

I've been on a nontoxic and cruelty-free journey for over a year now! It is a slow and steady process, because you have to research and to be quite frank, a ton of brands to really provide that kind of information, or they make it really confusing. It quite actually doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know!? Anyway, Hair Care is somewhat of a weird area, because there are so many things that may fall into that category besides shampoo and conditioner. Something that I'm a huge fan of, as I'm sure you are too, is Dry Shampoo. There are quite a few brands that are cruelty-free, not not necessarily nontoxic and visa versa, so it's a pretty small list of products. 

What do you look for in a dry shampoo? Do you read the labels? Before this, some of my favorites were Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo (budget friendly) and R+Co Dry Shampoo (higher end). This summer when I was on a group trip and a guy picked up a bottle of someone dry shampoo and said "oh my gosh. you spray butane on your hair?!" I was like uhhh oh, and immediatly checked my dry shampoo label. Sure enough, it contained butane. You the stuff in a torch that perfectly caramelizes the top of your creme brûlée? Unfortunately, that did not sound very appetizing to me, so I began looking for dry shampoos without butane.

Here's the thing...I want a dry shampoo that:

  • doesn't have butane
  • is a spray (I don't have time for any of this powder business. I might as well wash my hair if I'm gonna do that, because I'll end up dumping it all over myself or it would get loose in my bag.)
  • is nontoxic
  • is cruelty-free

Something I don't really care that it has is alcohol, because yes, I do want the grease of my hair soaked up. I mention it because I know that some people don't want alcohol in their hair products. I DO NOT want it in my skincare products, but I don't really care about hair products. Turns out there are few and far between that fit into these category... I only found THREE. The hardest thing to find a dry shampoo WITHOUT is butane, also called isobutaneAnd yes, know it still contains aerosol, but like I mentioned...I need the ease of the spray;) Anyway, here goes.

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo

Price: $31 (2 oz, so $15.50 per oz)

I love the entire Aveda Line. Their store is seriously an aromatherapy oasis. I'm currently obsessed with their Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. This is a great product if you want something to "spray", but not be aerosol. I will say that it's still kind of hard, because you have to dump it upside down to make it come out and it can get messy.


- in a bottle, not a tub

- "sprays"

-works well




-on the pricer side

-can still be really messy/get all over you


Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Dry Shampoo.

Price: $9 (1.6 oz, so $5.62 per oz)

I'm not even going to link this one, because it is always selling out. It is a spray bottle w/o butane. What makes it cool is that it comes in "lighter tones" and "darker tones". It's also limiting because I don't know which I'd buy...I'm kind of in the middle. Because of the color issue, coupled with the fact that it is never in stock, I haven't actually tried this one.


-good price

-in a bottle




-limiting due to hair color

-always sold out


Evo Water Killer.

Price: $21.39 (7.6oz, so $2.81 per oz)

EVO is a brand I have come to love as a whole. When I first inquired about their animal testing policies and stuff like that, I got the most personal response! Some of their products are vegan, but not all, only due to the use of things like honey or lanolin.


-good middle of the road price

-in a bottle

-smells wonderful

-works like charm






As you might have guessed, EVO is my current favorite! It goes with me to the gym, on vacations, and so-on. It is such a great product and I couldn't recommend it more! I have been using it since November, just so I can get an accurate read on the product.  Do you have a dry shampoo that you love that fits all of the above categories? I know Dry Bar's has a cult following and is cruelty-free, but is not nontoxic and has butane. Same with Oribe! Let me know, so I can try it out. Andddd if you have a tub of powder or something like that, let me know. I'm not 100% against it, just seems like something that takes more time than necessary What's my next mission? Find a hairspray along these same lines, which will most likely prove to be a harder feat. Hope y'all have a great (hair) day! Thanks so much for reading.

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