Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Bug Spray

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You may not know that certain beauty products have chemicals, buuut you for sure have to know that there are chemicals in your bug spray. I mean, right?! I've been on the hunt for a good natural bug spray for a while and I have finally found one with a brand that I love!

Last month, I shared w/y'all that I was a Primally Pure Ambassador! (get 10% off your first order w/code ELLEMULENOS) I have been experimenting with products besides deodorant and they are ALL SO GOOD! Today I'm going to talk about their Nature Spray . If you're like "but does it work", YES IT DOES. I have tested it for ya! I went ahead and purchased the 4oz option, but it does come in a cheaper 2.5 oz option as well. 

I used the spray last weekend in Austin, but also brought it with me to Paso Robles this past week and it worked like a charm! (yes, I know it looks like a green screened/photo shopped these, but I swear I didn't! Paso is just that pretty!) I think there's a stereotype that "natural" products don't work as well... I've literally heard people say "just give me the chemicals" and while I'm not judging, I kind of am. ;) Why use something with harmful chemicals if there is a cleaner option?? I do realize it's about double the cost of a non-clean one. I get it. Budgets are very real.  I still liken it to the organic fruit vs normal fruit cost. One costs more and it's because of the work that goes into it.

Another option I like is the Captain Blankenship Sail Away Bug Spray. It works as well, but is slightly more expensive (by $2).  I've tested this before thanks to The Detox Market and their sample program! I've "tried before I buyed" (bought;) ) several times thanks to the fact that a ton of their products are available in sample form! 

And yes... I knowwww I can "make my own" bug spray, but honestly I don't have time for that;) Do you have a favorite pre-made natural bug spray?! Lemme know in the comments below! If you want to read more about the Primally Pure Brand, just click here.

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