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Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Beauty Products at Sephora

Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Beauty Products at Sephora

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Because of this cruelty and nontoxic journey I'm on, I've realized how hard it is to shop and know what products are okay and which aren't. Sephora is beauty Mecca, so why not start there?! When I'm shopping I start by narrowing down the cruelty-free items, then sort nontoxic items from that list. You'll find that sometimes brands are CF, but not NT, and visa versa. For example I know a handful of brands that are cruelty-free, but use dyes and such in their products, which isn't greaaaat. SO today I'm sharing only brands that are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and are on the nontoxic side of the spectrum; however, each brand has a different toxicity level, and to break it down even further, specific products have different toxicity levels. Something I like to use is Think Dirty, which is an app I downloaded onto my phone. You can scan products and such and it will tell you the rating between 1-10. My friend Jourdan of Beauty and Her likes to look up individual ingredients on the Cosmetics Database, which is an option as well. Those big words are hard! Just figure out what you are comfortable with. 3 and under are considered green, but you could decide that you are only comfortable with 1s! You do you. 

In the above collage are some of my favorite products specifically, but I'll go into brands in a sec! Click on any product above to be taken to the direct link. If they won't click through, just refresh the page and it will work. Now for the specific cruelty-free and nontoxic brands that are available at Sephora! Each one below is directly linked to Sephora and I share some products as well. Enjoy!


Axiology. I included this brand on my favorite cruelty-free and nontoxic lipstick round-up. I first heard about it from my friend Molly of Fashion Veggie. She talks about all things Vegan and this product fits the bill.

Beauty Blender. I LOVE using my BB when rubbing in my CC cream and dabbing concealer. Their product is top notch.

BKR. So, not a beauty product, but I have been using BKR water bottles for over 5 years know and LOVE them. They are glass bottles, so you are using a sustainable product that also doesn't have harmful chemicals and such that are found in plastics.

Biossance. What I'm super excited about is their mineral sunscreen that was released earlier this year!

Captain Blankenship. I love their oils and bug spray!

CocoFloss. I don't know what y'all think, but strawberry flavored floss is AMAZING.

Drunk Elephant. This is a new add! EWG had old ratings and recently re-rated them and everything is a 1 or a 2 except for the eye cream, eye serum, and night serum. I've never actually tried these, but I've heard great things about the baby facial!

Josie Maran. This was another one that I learned about when I was researching this project. Her products were created to be high performing AND healthy...something she was told wasn't possible.

Herbivore Botanicals. Currently obsessed with this brand. I am using the heck out of their lapis oil, brighten face mask, and blue tansy face mask. I love the brand and their reasoning behind it.h

Human+Kind. Their motto is skincare with a conscious, so I'm not sure what more you could want.

Hum Nutrition. I first tried Hum from a box I received for Indie Beauty Box. It's sustainable sourced supplements, which is just what I'm in the market for.

Lawless. I've been L O V I  N G this for basically all fo 2018. I started out with just the Brad shade, but also have the Romeo. It's clean af and actually works!

Moon Juice. I've never used this, but my friend Kami of The Kalon Life has and she loves them! They have one for basically everything ;)

Makeup Eraser. I also tried this for the first time, thanks to my Indie Beauty Box. It's quite spectacular how well this piece of cloth removes makeup!

Milk Makeup. I discovered this brand earlier this year and am in loooove with their flex concealer.

Pinrose. All things perfume, this brand is taking back the perfume space with high quality fragrance that doesn't involve the middleman. 

RMS Beauty. I learned about this brand when Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam posted about them. I haven't tried it yet, but I want to.

Tarte. A name you are probablllly familiar with. Right now I can't get enough of their Tartiest Lip Liner.

Tata Harper. Love me some Tata! She has a farm in Vermont that I am dyinggg to visit. Loving her Resurfacing Mask.

Too Faced. You probably heard of them thanks to their BTS mascara. Have you tried it?

Summer Fridays. Only one product this far, but I'm excited to see the entire line! I haven't tried their jet lag mask, but I want to. I can already smell the peppermint!

Stila. I started using one of their lippies around 2 years ago, thanks to my friend Lauren of Lauren Kay Sims. I love their springy lip color!

The Beauty Chef. My friend Jourdan of Beauty & Her loves this stuff! I've never tried it, buuuut it's on the list.

Urban Decay. You've probably used their Naked Palettes, as that is what put them on the map.

Did I miss one of your faves?! First of all let me know, but second of all, I'd research it a little deeper, because there are several cruelty-free bands that I didn't include on here, because their toxicity levels are through the roof! Here's to being a little smarter about beauty;)


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