Clothes that Travel Best and Wrinkle Less

Show Me Your Mumu The best pants | Topshop Swing Camisole | Dolce Vita Pacer Slides | Elaine Turner Shelly in Leather | Kendra Scott Earrings and Bracelet

If you're new to LMents of Style, then you may not know my obsessions with Show Me Your Mumu - it's definitely a real thing...but hey! The first step is admitting it;) Anyway, there are a lot of reasons I love Show Me Your Mumu... you can probably search them on my site and see alllll the reasons why (here's the tabulated search of all my Mumu Stylings!); but, the main thing is that most of their clothing is pretty much wrinkle-proof! They are my go-to brand when I'm packing for a beach vacation, because they are easy, breezy, and always come out of my suitcase like I just steamed them! Don't get me wrong- I wear them in fall/winter too- they do release darker prints, etc and are still fitting. My brain just associates the happy-go-lucky brand, with summer!

The main complaint people have about Show Me Your Mumu is that it is expensive. And  I would have to agree with you; however, one of the huge factors of the cost is that they are made in the USA. Anything made here is going to be more expensive and that's the hard truth. Personally, I love supporting native brands and can usually justify the cost, but I know it does not fit in everyone's budgets. It probably has something to do with the fact that I studied Apparel Merchandising and a greater appreciation for USA made items has been instilled in me. (Let's just say, don't get stuck in an elevator with me and be on the opposing side of this topic. If you want to learn more about cheap fashion and why I don't like it, read "Overdressed - The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion")

Okay so if Mumu is too pricey for you, you still have hope! Your "thing" to look for? The neck label! You want to check the fiber contents. Show Me Your Mumu's pretty much wrinkle-free outfits are attributed to their poly-chiffon fabric. If you can find this fabric, you're golden! Your first example? My top! It's a swing camisole that is also a poly chiffon. The price? Only $30! I think that is the definition of budget friendly andddd it comes in a myriad of colors! Win-win.

Do you you have a go-to piece of clothing that always packs well? What is it? One of my close seconds besides Show Me Your Mumu is Lou and Grey. Their signaturesoft line is AMAZING! I could live in their swing dress. These pieces are a Rayon/Spandex blend...another man-made fabric that doesn't wrinkle easily and feels like cashmere!

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