Chic and Stylish Keychains that Leave Your Hands Free

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Cuyana Cardholder Keychain | Big O Gold Rush Keychain | Madewell Kent Colorblock Stripe Cardigan | BlankNYC Suede Skirt (other colors here too) | Italeau Donata Booties (similar here) | Madewell Denim Shirt | Felt Hat (similar here and here too)

Happy “what is that and where can I get it” Wednesday! Jk that’s not a thing I do (yet) but that’s basically what today is! Over the last year, I’ve received quite a few questions about my keys, so here ya go! There’s now a permanent place that talks about ‘em. Yo welcome. The short story is that my keychain bracelet is Big O Gold Rush Keychain and little wallet is a Cuyana Cardholder Keychain.

Last October I started a monthly favorite series and I actually featured both of these pieces on my inaugural post. (I can’t believe that was almost a year ago!) You can check out my October Favorites here from last year, but I also featured the Big O keychain on my White Elephant Gift Ideas under $50!

Let’s start with the cardholder. If you’re new around here, I have been a Cuyana customer since 2014. I LOVE THEM. I have a plethora of their bags, so I like their quality, but I also love them as a brand. (fewer better is a way of life!) Previously I had been using a Jon Hart Design cardholder, but it was pretty beat up, plussss it had my pre-married initials. When I went looking for a new one, I couldn’t find the JH one, so I decided to look elsewhere. Cuyana’s cardholder is classy and chic. I love to keep my driver’s license, etc in there because sometimes you don’t need your whole bag, plus it’s easier to grab than your entire purse. It doesn’t hold like a chapstick or anything, but it’s just big enough to get the job done. You can see all my other Cuyana posts here.

Moving on to the Big O Keychain…it was actually founded by 2 Dallas ladies! Their motto is “carry only what you need” and I love that. I always have something in my hand, whether it’s a bunch of packages or a water bottle and the Big O Keychain keeps me hands free, since it works as bracelet! I know moms who love them because, they can easily carry their kids, but for me, I’m just glad it let’s me walk my 60+ pound puppy easier;) I have their traditional gold one, but they have several other kinds, including crocodile and silicone. Personally, a silicone one is next on my list ;) Here’s some of the options - available in other colors and styles, too! OH and one of my favorite things about this keychain is that it has an easy clip on and off. It’s perfect for when you valet your car and just want to leave the car keys. Plus, it doesn’t mess up your nails ;) (you know how normal keychains might mess up your thumbnail polish when you’re trying to get keys on and off?!)

Nick likes to joke about my keys…that they are so big you can’t miss them! TBH I wouldn’t have it any other way. Do you know how easy it is to find my keys when I am basically bobbing for apples with a blindfold and I feel my cardholder or O keychain?! Andddd do you know how long it takes me to find Nick’s key’s (or wallet) when he just plops them in my purse, unbeknownst to me? TOO LONG. I rest my case. I’m glad I’ve found brands made by women for women, that make life a little easier and a lot more beautiful. Enjoy your free hands, ladies!! XOXO

P.S. this is an IT cardigan for fall. If you haven’t already seen it, you’re going to!! It’s pretty easy to style with jeans and it’s clear it pairs well with olive! I wanted to style it for you in somewhat of an unexpected manner, so you could see how far it could take ya! #versatility for the win :)

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