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Lululemon Pant (patterned version here) | Black Tee | Nike Air Max Thea Shoe | Essie Smokin' Hot Nail Polish | Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings

I almost don't even want to share my secret, but I guess I will, because I like y'all;) If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I'm obsessed with CorePower Yoga. They not only have rocking classes, but they also have a killer assortment of athletic wear! Remember when I spoke about this brand? Well, the only reason I knew about them, was because of CorePower! CP carries a lot of smaller brands that you may or may not have heard of, but of course, they also sell the big names, like LuluLemon.

Since I go to yoga every week (and work in the apparel industry), I always notice when they get new items in and when they re-merchandise the store. CorePower got the namaskar pant I'm currently wearing, in-store about a month ago. I was immediately drawn to them, as I my favorite neutral is marsala. Whenever I think I like apparel, I always cop a feel, to see how the fabric feels. It was like a double whammy - I loved both the look and I just needed to try them on. I looked at the price tag to find the name of the product and to look at the cost. $88. Not bad for a pair of Lulu pants!

That night, I went home and began searching for the pant online, to see if there were any other colors and/or reviews.  I found namaskar pants, but, they were all $116 and its Lulu, so I didn't think much of it. I kind of just thought that my brain made up the price from CP.

Several weeks went by and each day I went to CorePower, I'd run my hand over the pant - it kind of became my pre-class ritual. Last week, I said to myself "If they're still there today, then I'm going to get them!" I had been wanting a pair of joggers, but hadn't found a pair I loved yet...and I LOVED these. As I came in the door, I noticed that they weren't in their usual spot. I immediately thought "oh well, wasn't meant to be"; however, after I had my CP badge scanned, I turned around to find out the pants weren't sold out...they had just moved locations! I obviously took this as a sign that it in fact was meant to be and I just had to try them on! 

As you probably presumed, I ended up buying them. As I was talking to one of my instructors, who was checking me out, I mentioned that I was so happy they were $88, not $116. I felt like I was getting a steal. She calmly said, "well, because we have our own deal with Lululemon, we actually have more say in what comes into our stores + their prices. So, if you see anything in their stores or online, you should check here first, as we get most things and they are usually cheaper". 

Um, what?! You read that right. CorePower Yoga gets the same gear your see elsewhere, but can retail it for less, which saves you money!! They don't sell online yet; however, here is a list where you can see if there is a CP near you. 

Can you believe that? I still can't! A way to save on one of the most coveted athleisure brands in the industry and has nothing to do with coupon codes! 

Did you know that LuluLemon was cheaper at CorePower? Do you have any money-saving hacks, for other retailers?

P.S. I know that $88 is essentially $100 with tax, and that's not cheap; however, these are so versatile, I know I will be able to wear them a lot. I actually wore this outfit to work last Friday! I just paired them with these **boots and called it a day!  **Don't forget, you can get 15% off and free shipping on the boots I just linked + your entire purchase..

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