Bringing Back the 90s: Stores you Forgot About Pt. 1

American Eagle Dress | Hush Puppies Boots | Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings and Brinkley Bracelet | Essie Master Plan Nail Polish

Okay so we all know that 90s are back currently, right? The graphic tees, the layered flannels and waist wrapping of tees and light jackets, and of course the chokers. As a 90's baby, these trends are all too familiar. What ever happened to the stores of the 90s and early 2000s, though?

I remember when I got my first graphic tee; it was from American Eagle. It was a purple tissue tee that had a front left chest hit and a back large graphic. It said "Mr. Mustard's Burger Joint" on the back and I'm pretty sure I wore it at least once a week, along with my original AE jeans, and cartoon strip belt. What can I say? I was really cool.

A lot of stores from the 90's either don't exist or are a fraction of what they used to be, today. Anyone remember Gadzooks? Case and point! The brands that are still around today either were classic enough to remain or decided to change with the times. Well, American Eagle has done just that.

American Eagle has made HUGE strides to gain back loyal customers. At the height of its business, it was known for the eagle logo. You wanted that mark on your chest. Nowadays, you don't want brands showing and AE has made that change. The eagle insignia is at a hip placement or completely non visible; however, changing the location of their marks is just one small stride. They have many more.  I love how they stay current with trends, have good price points, but still maintain quality. They have regular sales (if you're shopping with me tonight, you can get 30% off Fall items with code FALL30) and special deals. I got almost all the swimsuits for my honeymoon are from there and I got them BOGO! (This top and bottom set and these mix-matched top and bottoms are my favorite)

I know a lot of people still head to Victoria's Secret for their bras and undies, but I honestly love Aerie, AE's intimates and lounge wear collection. Fun fact. Do you know what aerie means? It's a word for an nest of a large bird of prey, usually an eagle. Get it? I love how their name ties back to their core! Anyway, their lounge wear, fitness apparel, and of course bras and undies are bomb. Whenever I go to lingerie showers, I actually prefer to buy from AE than any other place. Their pieces are pretty, unique, and a good amount of bang for my buck ;) I mean just look at this top and bottom! Mom if you're reading this I want them...

Anyway, I wore this dress to work the other day and got so many compliments on it, but not one person expected it to be from American Eagle. Funny, right? I don't know if you're one to follow stock, but over the past year-ish, AE's stock has been growing steadily higher. Good for them. I loved them when I was 11 and I'm still wearing them at 25. That right there says a lot!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite picks from their fall line. You'll def be seeing some on Instagram soon ;)



One last note before I nod off tonight...I love getting Nick stuff here, too. He actually already has nodded off on the couch where I'm sitting, which is what made me think of it in the first  place;) Their men's section has classic button downs, trendy shirts, and awesome sweaters. Try shopping there for your son, man or dad. They have something for everyone!

Did you shop at American Eagle back in the day? Do you shop there now? I encourage you to check them out!! I seriously love their brand update.

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