You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!


Shooting Shirt Ralph Lauren | Similar

Corduroys | Boots Necklace | Earrings | Bracelet Ring | Headband | Nail Polish

I think we finally made it out of Winter and are transitioning into Spring. Come soon March 20th!

Whether you want to call it a throwback Thursday or a Flashback Friday, I'm currently thinking about what my favorite trends were this past winter. While I dig a good flannel (as you probably already know), I also love a updated, non-traditional flannel.

Shooting shirts have become increasingly popular in the aesthetic sense. For functionality, you'll still want to go to your local Cabela's or Bass Pro, but in a fashion sense, Ralph Lauren takes the cake.

RL has a knack for taking designs, changing something about them and making them wonderful. This shirt is one of my favorites because it has a wonderful shape- they really paid attention to the pattern and fitting of the torso. For people with long torsos like me, it feels like it has been fit for a queen! 

I think that the shooting shirt will only gain more popularity in the coming fall and winter seasons. You may think I'm crazy, but working in the fashion industry, you're always looking ahead. This coming fall is just around the corner! 

What were some of your favorite trends this past winter and what do you hope to see carry over into fall/winter 2015?

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