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Just kidding, not a squad...just me! People cannot seem to stop talking about flared pants and jeans, and I'm over here like: I've had a couple pairs since 2010...since when weren't they in?

But, while we are talking about flares, how do y'all feel about flared shorties? I personally love them! It's so fun how much movement they add to your wardrobe. And did I mention that they can make your waist look smaller? I don't know about y'all, but I'm sold! 

I looked around town for ya, and listed my faves! P.S. those red ones are a STEAL. Links are listed below the pic.

Striped Shorts | Red Shorts | Polka Dot Shorts | Orange Shorts

What is your favorite 70s inspired trend? It would be cool beans if you shared!  See you on the flip-side :)

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