Midnight Blue


Trench Coat | Jacket* | Trousers* | Shirt* | Scarf | Tie | Beard Oil | Pomade | Ring | Watch | Shoes

* To purchase these items, you need a J. Hilburn personal stylist. Lucky for you, I'm friends with one. Contact her here. If made-to-measure suiting isn't in your budget, try this jacket and these trousers. Additionally, here is another shirt option.

In menswear, navy is quickly becoming the new black. Anyone can wear a black, but it takes a man to wear navy. Have you SEEN Skyfall

I just love navy, so I decided to make Nick a tie, to coordinate with my favorite suit of his! Does it look familiar? you might have seen it before, because it is now a sold out style in my bow tie shop! P.S. My spring bow ties are now LIVE. Shop them here.

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