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So, don't hate me. But, I am one of the girls whose Lilly dreams came true on Sunday, April 19th. I didn't get one of the coveted shift dresses, but I did snag up some good things, this jumpsuit being one of them!  It's actually nicely lined and super comfy, with pockets! What's not to love?

I arrived at one of the many Targets  in Dallas, around 7:45 am. I was about 75 people back at this point... They opened the doors at 8 am and the entire womens clothing section was swept clean by 8:05.  Luckily I brought my boyfriend with me and he helped me get two other items, which I will of course feature later! Home  Goods lasted about 5 more minutes. I didn't grab anything from that section but I did get to witness a lady having a melt down when they ran out of mugs...

My boyfriend made the statement that they "didn't plan very well". (You would probably say that too if a grown woman, half your size, shoved a shopping cart in front of you to block you from grabbing anything) I quickly told him that it actually occurred exactly how they wanted it to. Sell outs...crying women...trending Lilly x Target on all Social Media platforms...but does that make it right? 

I'm all for being able to buy a dress for 1/3 of the price it usually retails for, but ladies were straight up rude and mean about a $38 shift dress.  I went in hoping I would get something, but knew I'd be okay if I didn't. While I think the line was awesome and well made for the price point and for Target, I don't think that if Lilly were still alive she would have liked the atmosphere or buying just to re-sell at a higher cost. There's nothing wrong with getting a deal or wanting to look cute, but just remember that being kind is more important.

What are your thoughts about Lilly x Target? Did you have a similar experience?

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