3 Things Every Girl Should Invest In

J. Crew Dress (similar) | Dolce Vita Haku Bootie(suede version here) | Louis Vuitton Neverfull | J. Crew Necklace (similar) | Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings | Loren Hope Sarra Cuff | OPI Nail Polish

Nowadays, it's hard to determine where to spend your money. Okay, okay, it's not hard where to spend it, but it does take thought where to allot it. There are so many things to spend your hard earned dolla dolla bills (as well as time) on, so how do you know when to splurge and when to steal on clothing? 

For those still in question, here are my top 3 items that every girl should invest in!

1) A good handbag. I bought this LV Neverfull GM when I graduated college. I wanted to invest in a brand that wouldn't be the "new coach" *coughMichaelKorscough*, and would last long enough to be a "cool vintage piece". I didn't look any further than Louis Vuitton. Yes, there are obviously knockoffs, but those don't actually hold up. I've witnessed their stringy handles first hand and it's not pretty. The way I see it, you can either buy a bunch of $20 purses for the rest of your life, or save for an investment bag, that you will be able to use for years. If you want to learn more about luxury brands like LV, I highly recommend the Deluxe. My professor at Baylor University, Dr. Divita, used this book as a required reading in one of her fashion classes.

2) Leather shoes. I keep my shoes forever. Not even kidding! Since I buy leather shoes, I am able to do this. Now,the ones I'm wearing in this post, I bought this year, and they were worth every penny! Leather kicks are durable, so they keep for a long time, and their maintenance is pretty easy is to perform as well. My advice? Make friends with a shoe shiner and a good cobbler. My whole family uses this cute, old man from Greece who seriously make our shoes look good as new! I know they are generally more on the expensive side, especially boots, but leather shoes are well worth it in my opinion. For example, I have a pair of riding boots that are now 6 years old, that I will continue to wear.  Obviously some non-leather shoes are well  made and will last if you take care of them, but that's pretty much the point! There's nothing wrong with buying  a $30 pair of shoes from Payless, but you'll either get annoyed with the fact that you have to wear bandaids on your heels or end up just chunking them later on. View your shoes like a living space for your feet. Rent an apartment or buy a house? You decide!

3) Denim. The great thing about denim is that there aren't any new trends- they either get shorter or longer, wider or skinnier, and lighter or darker, so if you keep your pieces, you should be able to wear them again! We are in a bit of a denim craze right now and chambray is still all the rage, as is the Canadian Tuxedo. Because of this, you see anything from skinnies to bell bottoms, and light wash to dark rinses.  I know a lot of my friends got rid of their flared jeans, but I kept a couple pair and have been able to wear them again! The dress I am wearing in this shoot I bought 4 years ago and am still rocking it! Although denim is tough, fabric in general degrades over time, so invest in good quality denim and you will be good to go! Note that price does not always reflect quality, but that's another post for another time;)

Now, I know that impulse shopping, er, I mean retail therapy happens, so don't get discouraged if you spend a little more on something that may not be a classic piece. Treating yourself every now and then is totally acceptable in my book!

What pieces are you investing in lately?

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