House of Cards

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I am the person who Netflix caters to whenever they post an entire season of a show at once. I will stop at nothing to run through all the episodes as fast as I possibly can. In the words of Frank Underwood, I love Netflix more than a shark loves blood. (p.s. If you haven't gotten your SO a Valentine yet, the one below is PERFECT!)

If you're very confused right now, you've probably never watched or heard of the Netflix original series House of Cards. So, you probably didn't hear that Netflix had to fire someone I mean had to resolve a bug in their system, as 10/13 episodes of the highly anticipated season 3 HOC were posted. (Mind you, they were supposed to air February 27th.)

Anyway, in anticipation of the season release, I shot this post last weekend. I figured that since it leaked already, I might as well leak my post too! You're welcome.

Whenever HOC first started, a buzzfeed quiz was created to find out what character you were. When I first took it, I got the President. That obviously had to be a mistake, so I retook it...and got Claire. All I wanted was to get Zoe (Kate Mara) is that so hard?!  (If you don't know who Kate Mara is, I included a picture of her below. I pinned this photo on Pinterest a year ago, and it is my most pinned and liked pin ever! )

Back to Claire...She is who I styled my shoot after. She is an independent,  chic woman  who gets what she wants . See here, here, and here.  We actually have pretty similar wardrobe , so maybe Buzzfeed isn't that far off!

I included my detailing under the pictures, but also in the image scroll, below the photo collage. Because not everyone has Claire's taste, I also included some fun playing-card-chic items. Enjoy!  

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