In the Nude

Dress | Sweater Ralph Lauren | Similar here, here and here | Flats Jessica Simpson | Similar here, here and here | Clutch | Cheaper Version Here *| Bracelet | Ring | Necklace | Earrings | Nail Polish | Lip Color

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I've always been drawn to blush and nude tones, but have shied away from them because they simply blend in with my china doll skin...I'd like to turn heads, but not in the sense that people think I'm actually naked.

Several years ago when the nude heel trend hit, I immediately got on board with it. Though neutral kicks are very much still  in, the newest nude trend in my opinion is in handbags! I've been dying for a blush toned bag, plus it totally goes with everything, so it's a very good buy, right? That's my rationale at least!

When I came across this clutch, I just had to have it! It's super soft Italian leather and it is SUPER DUPER ON SALE! Besides the fact that it is adorable and chic, it will fit your iPhone 6 Plus, along with all your other necessities.

Hope my title didn't leave you blushing! (Though it would be right on trend with my post!) XOXO

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