Dapper Bear


Socks | Jacket* | Shirt* | Bow Tie | Jeans | Shoes | Ring | Beard Oil | Pomade

* To purchase these items, you need a J. Hilburn personal stylist. Lucky for you, I'm friends with one. Contact her here.

There are few things I love more than the Baylor Bears and supporting small businesses, so when I found Dapper Bear, my day was MADE.  Dapper Bear was founded by 3 Baylor students and is currently run by Jackson Wren, a student projected to graduate in May. They started out by creating the Official Baylor Plaid offered in neck wear, but have since expanded! Shop all of their looks here. I love all of their products, but these socks were my favorite. 

I'm so excited to see where Dapper Bears goes in the coming years! You can keep up with them too, by following them on Facebook and Instagram. Go Bears!

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