Black and Brown


Jumper Roots | Similar

Shirt | Tights | Leg Warmers | Boots | Ring | Earrings | Watch | Nail Polish 

Pairing brown and black used to be a big no-no for me, but now I believe that it can be worn... if done right, that is.

This jumper is a perfect example. The brown pleather and gold clasp accents give it just the right amount of class without being over bearing. Personally, I think that jumpers are often overlooked for their greatness. During a Texas fall, it very well might be 80 degrees. I can wear this jumper without an under shirt and with bare legs and boots- this allows me to still feel like fall without sweating bullets.

During this winter season, don’t sacrifice boots and fun textures for the weather or lack thereof. Wear what you want and wear it well! What are your winter-weather-wear hacks?

Special thanks to Mark and Lindsay Benning for letting me use their house as a backdrop!

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