Think Pink


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Coat | Jeans | Socks Watch | Necklace | Earrings | Seal | Nail Polish

I have a slight obsession with winter coats. It might seem odd, as I live in Texas and it very well could be 80 degrees on any given day. Nevertheless, my infatuation continues to grow, as does my need for a bigger closet.

This light pink coat is one of my FAVORITES. It makes me feel so feminine and pretty. If I could wear it with every outfit, I would; however, my need to have my coat coordinate with every outfit trumps that desire. Anddddd we come full circle to why I have an obsession with winter wear. 

We all know Dallas was trying to pull a fast one on us this weekend, with its sunny skies and highs of 70 degrees...I'm sure the winter air will be back soon and when it arrivs, I hope you're keeping warm in an adorable coat! 

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