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Best Ranch Dressing in Dallas

Best Ranch Dressing in Dallas

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I’ve always been a condiment girl. Yes, I really do need ten ketchup packets for one hamburger and fries and yes I really do need this much mustard for my corny dog, ok? My college roommate and I would go to Whataburger, just for their ketchup. Their onion rings were simply a vessel for the tomato-y goodness. Do you feel me at all? Growing up ranch dressing was simply a salad dressing, but now that I’m almost 30, I have come to appreciate it for so many more things. Use it for fries, chips, rolls, pizza crust… need I say more?!

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You know what is more disappointing than no ranch? Bad ranch. Whether it is too runny or a glob of flavorless matter, it’s disgusting and the worst. Rather than share with you where I have choked down the world’s worst ranch dressings, I’m going to tell you my favorite! Most are in Dallas, but some are at chains you can find elsewhere!

  • Rodeo Goat. I have to begin with this one, because it is the ranch pictured here and my favorite. It is the perfect amount of thickness/runniness and has amazing flavor. Nick and I prefer to use it on their cheese fries, but honestly, we stock it in our fridge to use on other things!

  • Pie Tap. Made for pizza bones, this ranch is heavy on the dill, but perfect with your pie! It’s that “omg this is homemade” taste, which will keep you coming back for more. They created another ranch…I think it was arugula ranch or something like that a while back? It’s not as good. Stick to the original ranch if you have a choice!

  • Snuffer’s. I grew up with this ranch! We would always go here for hamburgers and cheese fries! It’s a little on the thinner side,, but it is still really good.

  • Zalat. Another pizza joint with their own craft ranch! They make srirancha, which is ranch dressing + sriracha. So good, all my spicy food lovers! If if you don’t like spice, at least try it, because the ranch mellows it out a bit.

  • Chuy’s. Not a DFW native restaurant, but I had to include their jalapeño ranch, because it is so good! It’s literally the best thing at Chuy’s and is great from chips to burritos. AND MORE.

  • Texas Roadhouse. Also, not a Dallas only thing, but they have a great house-made ranch. It is great on their steak fries, hot rolls, and everything else!

  • Buffalo Wild Wings. I had to include this on here for my dad and sister, as they love BWW. Not a DFW only thing, so enjoy where you can!

Whenever I decided to write this post, I polled the audience to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, so I wanted to share a couple that I didn’t mention above.

  • Wing Stop was mentioned several times, but I didn’t think I needed to include it, since I said BWW. BUT Wing Stop is DFW made, so there’s that!

  • Whataburger jalapeño ranch was tossed around too, but I’ve never tried it. I’m not a huge fan of their regular ranch, so I didn’t think I’d like this one. I have tried their jalapeño chips though, and they are GROSS.

  • Slim Chickens was a surprise to me, as I’ve never been / don’t really think about it. They apparently have cayenne ranch, which sounds amazing!

  • Tutta’s Pizza was recommend by my friend Ginger and I trust her food reccs! I haven’t been before, but I’m at least going to drive by and ask to taste their ranch!

  • Goodfriend was recommended to me by my friend David. He said he wouldn’t accept a list without it, so here it is! Another on my list to try!

Did I leave off your favorite? Do share!! I of course want to try more!! And please share, even if it isn’t in Dallas! The only other ranch dressing that I love / is near to my heart is George’s ranch in Waco, TX. Grab you some beggers (rolls) and ranch , if you are ever in town! Oh and if I want to make my own ranch, I use greek yogurt and a ranch seasoning packet. It’s creamy and tastes better than any bottle you could buy!

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