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Best Places to get Coffee in Seattle

Best Places to get Coffee in Seattle

La Marzocco

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Craftworks Coffee

General Porpoise Coffee

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Wake up and smell the caffeine, people!! I've mentioned it before, but whenever we travel, Nick and I always try to frequent all the coffee shops, to find the best of the best and taste some good brews. Don't get me wrong...if you love Starbucks, you should definitely visit the original location in Pike Place Market and see the reserve roastary while you're at it, but that won't be listed on my "places to go"...Seattle is known for having good beans, so that's what I'm going to bring ya! Nick usually orders a shot and a pour over wherever we go, so that's what this is based on! Being able to pull an amazing shot isn't just in the beans, so that is a huge part...being able to dial it in is key and that's what makes a barista a good one!

So here we go, in no particular order:

La Marzocco Cafe. I LOVED the set up here. It is also part music scene, so that attributes to the vibe, for sure.  Their retail shelving is beautiful! They are also the home of the Marzocco espresso machine, so they have a pretty big emphasis on that - even classes! They have pastries and these amazing little caramels, as well.

Craftworks Coffee. This one is actually right by La Marzocco. A smaller space with a different vibe. This was actually Nick's favorite shot of the trip! We also bought a couple bags of one of their new single origins to take home and give as a gift to Nick's mom! They also have house-made kombucha and other yummy goods.

Milstead and Co. Another good shop with good beans! Can't go wrong with it.

General Porpoise. Okay, so this was my favorite place, based on design;) It had pretty pink walls and I loved the overall theme. Nick actually really liked the shot and pour over here, too. I loved the area this shop was in (Capitol Hill) and I wish we could have spent more time there. Oh and they also have these amazing doughnuts!

Elm. This one roasts all of their coffee on sight, which is pretty cool. It is one thing to be able to source your own beans, but another to be able to roast them well.

Slate. This one is known for making coffee drinks in addition to straight up coffee.

Vif. This is a restaurant and a wine bar, but they also have coffee. Best of both worlds. Or should I say all the worlds? (hah!)

I have also previously mentioned Ballard Coffee Works, Good Coffee Co., Caffe Umbria, and Stumptown Coffee in this previous blog post.

Do you have any recommendations that I didn't mention? Let me know, so I can visit them next time! Cheers, y'all! Or what is it you say with coffee?;)

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