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April Favorites

April Favorites

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Happy April, NO FOOLS Y’ALL! Maybe you thought these past couple weeks were a joke because I haven’t posted my normal schedule. Don’t worry - it wasn’t. Just trying to survive over here, friends! I shot some really great content yesterday and I’m stoked for April. Not sure why, but March was realllly hard. I spent the weekend at Sparrow Conference here in Dallas and I’m amped about life and ready to roll!

Here are some of the things I’m loving right now. I followed last month’s lead and included some other info besides my top 10. Enjoy!! And as always, let me know if there’s anything you’re loving, so I can try it out!

1) Imperfect Produce (c/o) - I shared this with you last month on the blog and I still can’t get over how cool it is! I love the produce and how it helps others!

2) Kodiak Cakes - I went to a Kodiak Cakes event in Dallas last month and it was so cool! They showed how versatile their product was and you KNOW I love me some versatility. I think my favorite product is their flapjack and waffle mix. So easy and yummy!!

3) Arborio Rice - Risotto has been one of my go-to meals as of late. It’s kind of taken the place of mac and cheese! It’s not hard to make, just takes about 30 minutes, due to the nature of the process. I love using different cheeses and such to make it taste different. If you want a unique recipe, I shared a pumpkin risotto with y’all here, last September.

4) Absolut Elyx Vodka - I attended an Absolut Elyx Vodka event last month. I spoke more about it on this Instagram post, but basically it’s the yummiest vodka I’ve ever had. I thought all vodka tasted like rubbing alcohol, but it doesn’t have too! Plus, for every Absolute Elyx cocktail you order, you’re giving 2 gallons of clean water to someone in need thanks to Water for People!!

5) Madewell Danny Wash Jeans - These are my favorite jeans EVER. I’ve had them for almost 2 years now and they still feel like I’m wearing clouds. I can’t get over them and don’t want to!

6) Parachute Bedding - I’ve been using Parachute bedding since 2016! I originally found them, because they were one of the only places that had California King bedding, but have grown to love the brand too. They just opened their retail store in Dallas last week and I’m excited to see all of their new products and such in person!

7) Leopard Belt - I’ve had a leopard belt for quite some time - it’s pretty much a neutral belt for me nowadays. I know bigger belts with buckles are in, but I’m all about this simple statement that gives any outfit a pop of fun!

8) Thinx Underwear - I first introduced y’all to Thinx back in 2016. Can’t believe I’ve been using them for 3 years now! I still use tampons here and there, but for the most part I use Thinx!! I’ve never shared them on a Favorites post before and it was time too!

9) The Organic Co Lipgloss (c/o) - I have CF and NT lipsticks, but didn’t really have a lipgloss I loved. Sometimes you just want a little color and not to have to commit to a full shade. I have this one in Meadow and it’s great!

10) Madewell Knot Front Sweater Tee - I shared this with you at the top of my What to Wear in Mexico City post. It is lightweight and layerable - perfect for sping!! It’s soft like a sweater, but doesn’t leave you…sweating ;) This is a seasonless top that you can truly wear year-round!


Loft Striped Shirt

J. Crew Drapey Black Jumpsuit

Madewell Button Wrap Dress

Sam Edelman Knee-High Boots

Leather Jackets


Queer Eye Season 3

I have been more into podcasts than shows this month - Fohr Ground and The Happy Hour are my top 2 currently! I finally finished You on Netflix (worth the watch) and still need to finish The Assassination of Gianni Versace, and re-watching GOT before the new season begins this month!


Wedges - Still haven’t found a pair! Trying to decide between these (on sale!) and these.

A Couch - Yep. It’s time for us to buy a new sofa. What are your favorite non-flame retardant / clean brands?!

Hydrating Mask - I want this mask so badly for summer. Deciding if I want to spend the money on it… but I’ve only read good reviews, so that might mean it is worth it?!


Hair Mask - I’ve been looking for a good one and finally found one without coconut oil! Will let you know the verdict once I get it in and test it for you!

Shampoo / Conditioner - The shampoo and conditioner I shared last month finally made me break out. Sad, because I really liked it; however, I had to move on from it. The verdict is still out for this one, but if I can figure this out, I’ll finally be able to do my hair series!

Eye Shadow - I’ve realized I want to get more into eye shadow. I’ve been going bare eyed pretty much forever. Since I don’t wear eyeliner anymore, I wanted to spice it up every so often and hoping I like these colors!


Brilliant Burnout

Educated: A Memoir

The Gospel Comes with a House Key

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