5 Scarves Everyone Should have in Their Wardrobe

1) Fuzzy Scarf

2) Leopard Scarf - Sold out :( Similar here and here

3) Statement Scarf

4) Blanket Scarf - Sold Out:( similar here and here

5) Neutral Scarf

Black Tunic Dress | Black Boots | BaubleBar Caesar Ear Crawlers | Kendra Scott Cuff | OPI We The Female Nail Polish  (scarves linked above and below, twice)

Happy Fall, y'all! It's still in the 90's here in Dallas, TX; however, next week our highs should only be in the high 70's and 80's! Fall brings many fun things...family, food, football, and of course a change in the fashion scene. Don't worry, I still reach for my oversize t-shirt dress, but the fall lets me accessorize with scarves for both aesthetic and functional reasons! Yeah you can wear a summer scarf in Texas, but in this heat it is purely for adding a pop to your outfit.

Anyway, I consider myself a scarf aficionado - I actually have to keep myself from buying more! They are just so easy to throw on. They can change the look of an outfit with total ease. Versatility at its finest. Okay, let's stop right there, before I write a sonnet to my scarf collection...but do you catch my drift?!

Now, of course I will continue to buy scarves that I love, but if you have your scarf basics covered, then you're good to go! So, what are my fall/winter scarf must haves, for your wardrobe? Here are my top 5! 

1) The Fluffy Scarf.  I mean what do you want when it is chilly? A nice warm and fluffy scarf. This should be a no brainer need!

2) Leopard Scarf. (sold out similar here and here) Leopard (and cheetah) prints are the new black. They go with relatively everything and add instant spice to any look. 

3) Statement Scarf. Treat this like a statement earring or necklace of the fall and winter and you'll be golden! These are usually bolder and provide a pop of color, rather than complement the style.

4) Blanket Scarf. (sold out similar here and here) For the same reasons you need a fuzzy scarf, you need a blanket scarf! I love that you can wear these as a poncho or just wrap up in them. I love wearing these on planes, because I can quite literally use them as a blanket!

5) Neutral Scarf. You know, the one that you can always grab and never worry if it will match or not. This one is black and tan, but I also have a multi-color scarf that has literally ever color I could want, plus black and brown, and it never fails me!

Optional: light/summer scarf or bandana scarf. I didn't include this in the list, because if you need a warm scarf, chances are that you don't need a "not warm" scarf. So if you're in LA and reading this...well, you probably won't ever need my list except this one! The summer scarf is really just an accent piece, as is the bandana. Wear your bandana like a choker, for more of a necklace appeal.

Now these categories can obviously overlap, but if you make sure you have these 5, you'll never need another again!...but don't hold me to that. It's okay to have more than one in each section ;)

What's your favorite kind of scarf? Did I leave off your "must have"? Let me know!

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