4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Denim

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Have you have had your purse turn a shade of blue on the backside, or  have the ankles of your suede oxfords start to turn a purple-y hue? What you are most likely experiencing is crocking. Crocking is a fashion term that is used when a fabric dye rubs off of a fabric, onto another source. Unlike bleeding, crocking doesn't have to be in contact with a liquid to occur. (Though, if it crocks it probably bleeds as well...can you tell that I had to take 2 semesters of Textiles when I was in college?!)  Predominately seen in deep indigo dyes, if you are keeping up with the ever popular dark denim trend, this will probably happen to you! ...but you don't have to let it!

Here are 4 tips to help avoid crocking, as well as extend the life of your denim:

1) Preserve and lock-in their color, by soaking your denim in a sea salt-vinegar bath for an hour. (1 cup household white vinegar, 1/4 cup sea salt)

2) Wash your jeans inside out, in cold water, on the gentle cycle. Be sure to use a color-locking detergent! If you are washing them for the first time, you might want to put them in the washing machine alone, to make sure they don't/won't damage any other clothing. Side note: if they are very delicate and/or you want to give them the utmost care, then you might consider hand washing them...but who really has time for that?;) I will say that occasionally I will soak an article of clothing in water, prior to me washing them in the machine. This acts as a safe test, because if it releases any color in the water, you for sure want to wash it on its own.  (I know, I hate to waste a whole load on just one item! But you don't want your white shirts to be blue, now do you?;)

3) Hang denim to dry ...don't put it in the dryer! If you need a quick fix, you can place them in the dryer for about 15 minutes, but know that any act of quick drying  wears down the fibers, which decreases their lifespan. 

4) Wash with caution. Did I just recommend the smell test?! Actually, I did. Every time you wash an article of clothing, it wears it down a little more. Denim is a little different, because is is nice and durable; however, the longer you can go between washes, the better condition your jeans will be in! Side note: If  you have raw denim (jeans that are made to wear with you and develop characteristics of your body, ie the shape of a wallet in your back pocket), the recommendation is to never wash them (don't do the sea salt/vinegar trick to these!) and put them in the freezer instead! Seriously though, these guys, maybe get washed like once a year. Don't use this as a reason to tell your significant other that you don't ever need to wash your jeans...it doesn't work that way! If you have raw denim, then you know it,  but you might as well try the freezer trick out regardless. Hey, I'm all about less laundry!

How do you launder your jeans? Any tricks I missed?

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