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15 Favorite Travel Products

15 Favorite Travel Products

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I don't consider myself world class traveler because I stillll haven't been to Europe yet (hoping next year!), but I've traveled quite a bit! Unfortunately, I've done it enough to know what not to do, but yay you! Hopefully some of these will help you out in some of your upcoming trips! You can click them images below and/or click on the linked names underneath the image. If the image isn't letting you click through, just refresh the page and it should work like a charm!

1) Eva NYC Mini Hair Dryer. (c/o)  Honestly you should get this even if you don't travel, because it's that good! I like using at home because it takes up less room than a normal blowdryer and works just as well! But yeah, it takes up such little space in your luggage and slides in your carryon perfectly. They even have a mini straightener as well!

2) Mark and Graham Charger Roll Up. I love sharing this in gift guides, because it is actually something cool that people will use! My parents got Nick this one year and it is great. No more fishing for your charger. You know exactly where it is! 

3) Power Bank Set Nick's mom got us these for Christmas this year. They hold over 2x the battery and are great for long traveling days.

4) Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil.  I bring several essential oils with me when I travel, whether it is flying or driving! Peppermint is great for nausea, so sometimes I just sniff it, but I also like to put it behind my neck for headaches.

5) Fossil Passport Case. These aren't just for cute instagram photos, y'all! I love shoving my ticket and bag claim info in here. I also keep any priority pass or lounge cards, in addition to my global entry card. I always travel with my passport because I think it's easier than whipping out my DL every single time.

6) Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Hand Sanitizer. Because people are gross and you need to clean your hands, sans harsh chemicals! I found two brands that check these boxes. Click below to be taken to each one.

     -Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray.

     -Elyptol Hand Sanitizer.

7) Mini Travel Bottles. Travel sized bottles are often more expensive per ounce, so why not just make your current products travel friendly. These also aren't going to shatter glass everywhere, like I know some of my products would. Bonus, because these will make it through just fine on your carry on!

8) Ultimate Travel Neck Pillow. Whether you're on a road trip or stuck in crowded economy, neck pain is no bueno. Get some shut eye with this pillo!

9) Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Cloths. Finally a face wipe that is not only individually packed, but cruelty-free and nontoxic! I don't want to get too much into beauty on this post, because I'm going to do a whole travel beauty post, but these are GOLD!

10) Tazo Zen Green Tea Bags. I'm like an old lady and bring tea bags with me, so I can enjoy them on the plane or just grab a cup of hot water when we make a pit stop. I like carrying these to avoid sugary sodas, since traveling already does a number on my body. I actually keep tea bags in my purse at all times, as well ;)

11) Cuyana Jewelry Holder. This is great whether or not you are bringing multiple sets of jewelry. Even on a quick trip, I like to bring it  to have a safe place to put my jewelry in at night. 

12) Stowaway Cosmetics Complexion Kit and Day to Night Kit. If you need to just use your carry on, this is awesome! They are mini make-up sets and are cruelty-free. TSA friendly, all the way!

13) Jade Facial Roller. This is so good for a long flight, but car ride as well! It helps with inflammation and a lot of other things, not to mention it's carry on friendly. Learn more about the Jade Roller and facial rolling here.

14) BKR Glass Water Bottle. First of all let me say that I don't like the taste of water when drinking from a metal water bottle and second of all I drink a TON of water, so I prefer a bigger bottle. This bottle comes in 3 sizes -my favorite is the liter size. It is glass, so I don't get a weird taste. Now because of that, it's a little heavier than say a metal or plastic bottle, but hey. In my opinion it is worth it. Bring it to the airport empty, and fill it up once you get through security.

15) Everlane The Modern Zip Backpack. I feel weird even saying this, buttttt I have been wanting a chic backpack since last September at NYFW. At first I wanted a cool leather one, but most of those don't zip and I want one that zips all the way. I'm on the hunt still, but this Everlane one is really cool!


Do you have any travel favorites or travel hacks? Be sure to comment below and let me know! Happy trails, to you! XOXO

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