San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Travel Guide
same day. Belize is kind of weird to get to, because of where you fly into, no one stays. We flew Belize more, on a tips for traveling to Belize post, but this was our weekend in a nutshell! You can see all of my Belize posts, but searching Belize in my search bar or just clicking here! See more of our into Belize City, then took a puddle hopper plane to San Pedro, and a water taxi to our resort Las took a water taxi to the little mini airport. We hopped aboard our little puddle jumper to Belize A look at our anniverary trip to Belize! San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize Travel Guide
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before in some of my Belize posts, but we didn't officially plan anything before going to Belize Belize Bottom When you search "things to do in Belize", one of the first things that comes up is "Swimming , then I would suggest Mexico Rocks. Let me know if you have done anything else super fun in Belize A look at Belize's #1 tourist destination right before peak season, it really wasn't an issue. I made sure to ask about every single Belizean . I have the ruins on my list for next time, but not much else! See my other Belize posts, click here
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on the trip - where to stay in Belize: Las Terrazas, but I have a lot more to share! And just in Belize content with y'all from there, but first let's talk more about our Belize trip! Nick and I went to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize for our 1 year wedding anniversary! So far I have only written one post
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Belize , sunglasses, and sunscreen! P.S. These pics were from our recent trip to Belize. To see more Belize
Tips for Traveling in Belize
structure that Belize is known for. Mexico Rocks. This is a fairly new discovery, but is a part of Belize that I haven't mentioned? Let me know so I can visit when I go back! If you didn't get Belize What to do, eat and where to stay, while in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. are visiting! I will say that Belizean food is more bland that I am used to, but still really good portions are large! Taco Shack. A yummy and inexpensive way to enjoy Belizean food, with a taste winter;) To see my other Belize posts, click here: Where to Stay in Belize: Las Terrazas Resort San Tips for Traveling in Belize
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Belize ) versatile - I'm actually wearing it to dinner in Belize, in this photo! I'm kind of dressing it down
Where to Stay in Belize: Las Terrazas Resort
, Belize for our 1 year wedding anniversary. Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize and is known Belize Pedro was a plus. Also, if you're wanting to do a total Belize vacation and not just stay on the resort Bandana Whew! You guys. We have been back from Belize for a week and I feel like we already need to go Where to Stay in Belize: Las Terrazas Resort to be around. Definitely a highlight!   That's that! Already booking your trip to Belize? I don't ;) Las Terrazas Resort was the prettiest and then some! To get there, we actually flew into Belize City Recapping my stay at the only Preferred Hotel and Resort in Belize.
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| Nordstrom Sandals Well guys, I'm bringing Belize back! I took a slight break from posting my travel get here. Mainly for this moto jacket and these shoes. But anyway, back to Belize... I still have a Belize , one of them being versatility. When I packed for Belize, I actually chose items that would great for
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Belize of Versatility posts, click here! When I was packing for Belize, the main thing I thought about was
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Belize ? P.S. These pics were from our recent trip to Belize. To see more Belize posts, just click here
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sandals broke in Belize, so I #needthem!) Just click on the image and it will take you to the direct
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celebrated our 1 year Wedding anniversary, with a trip to Belize! See where we stayed in Belize
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rainy day and they ended up being perfect for this series! To see more about our Belize trip, click | Aerie Bikini Bottom Side note - these photos are from our trip to Belize! I had them in cue for a
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are headed to Belize, so already on it! Staying in Texas? (or wherever home is?) don't worry, I've
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still have some from Belize and our trip to Arkansas, andddd will have some new travel content coming
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. To celebrate we went to Belize! These photos are actually from New York City, this past September
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