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My Hair Routine

My Hair Routine

Hey friends! One of my most requested posts is on my hair, so HAIR you go. Get it?;) This is my personal hair routine. I didn't study hair, nor am I certified; however, this is what I find works best for me. I encourage you to experiment and find out what works best for you! Remember that everyone's hair is different and beautiful in it's own way! My hair is "normal" regarding oiliness, thick and long. Keep that in mind when reading my recs!


TRESemmé Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner. I've tried shampoos like Living Proof and Biolage ...you know the expensive ones thats are supposed to do amazing things for your hair? They don't work for me. I know they work for some people, but hair is just different and I guess I'm the odd man out on those. It just made me feel like I had to wash my hair all the time, because it seemed to get greasier faster. Anyway, I have been using TRESemmé for a while now and it gets the job done!

It's a 10 + Keratin. I spray this on the bottom half of my hair (same place you put your conditioner in the shower). It is a leave in conditioner that does like 10 different things - think protect and heal!

Paul Mitchell Marula Oil. I rub one droplet in my hair after I use It's a 10. It just brings moisture back to my hair and keeps it soft!

TRESemmé Hair Spray. This is my basic hairspray. I use it for curl setting and when I tease my hair.

Not your Mother's Teasing Spray. This is my main teasing hairspray, though I mix it with the TRESemmé hair spray, too!

Not your Mother's Dry Shampoo. I use this in-between washes - usually on 3rd day after washing!



Fromm Hair Dryer. I started this hairdryer, almost 2 years ago. I'm not sure where I was before this came into my life! It cuts my drying time probably in half. I usually forget how good it is, until I travel or use someone else's!

BabyBliss Curling Iron. This is the main curling iron I use.  I also use it to do waves. 

Babybliss Straightener. I honestly don't remember the last time I used my straightener, but this is the one I use when I need it!

BabyBliss Wand. I love the look of wanding my hair, but it takes FOREVER! This one is great, but it doesn't come with a glove.

Spornette Teasing Brush. I've tried other teasing combs and such, but this is my number one. All the others don't have enough bristles. This one works the best out of the ones I have tried!

Fromm Round Brush. I use this brush to dry my hair, along with my fingers. It has rippled ionic nylon bristles to increase contact with hair for faster drying!



Wash 2x-3x a week. My mom will tell you she raised me better than that, but it's really not that!;) My wash schedule like this 50% because  it takes too long and 50% because letting your natural oils "be", is actually good!

Air Dry. 98% of the time, I wash my hair at night and let it air dry. In the morning, I hit it with the blow dryer for a couple of minutes to dry any damp hair and give it some shape with my round brush.

Quarterly Haircuts. I get my haircut cut 4x a year by Amber Ingram Smith and Charlie + Co (formerly Hair by Charlie). She is the best! If you color your hair, she does an amazing job at that, too!


Do you have any secret weapons for your hair? Let me know! Would love to try them out!

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