It was a Catch


Top | Non Cowboy VersionJeans | Boots | Earrings | Necklace | Bracelet | Seal 

Jersey | Jeans | Shoes | Pomade | Beard Oil | Watch

There is a 1/16 probability that your team is playing in the Super Bowl, so chances are you're not really happy right now. (You can tell who Nick and I wanted to be there) But hey, today is an awesome excuse for some queso...not that I ever need an excuse

I love having parties and preparing for them, especially when it comes to football! My favorite thing to drink when I watch games is cider, and this is one of my faves. I think my favorite thing I made were these. But these chocolate cupcakes with cookie dough frosting were a close second!  What kind of goodies did y'all eat? Apparently today ranks up there with Thanksgiving day in caloric intake, so have fun working that off!

Oh, and it was a catch.

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