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Bachelorette Party in Austin, Texas #LaurensLastOpa

Bachelorette Party in Austin, Texas #LaurensLastOpa

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Photos by Kelly Costello Photography

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It feels like it was forever ago, but my bachelorette party weekend wasn't even a month ago yet! It was such a good weekend - it's great to travel, but to get to do so with your closest friends is a whole 'nother level of fun.  It went by toooo fast! I'll touch on this topic with my "bachelorette party tips" post, but it's important to do what you want to do. Don't go wine tasting if you don't drink wine...catch my drift? I wanted a fun, yet relaxing weekend...kind of like what my ideal weekend looks like. I didn't need anything crazy - the people is what make the party, ya know? So, here's what we did! I hope it helps you live vicariously or assists in planning yours or your friend's! 


Arrived at Hotel Ella and settled in. We came from Houston, Dallas, Shreveport, Waco, Sacramento, and San Diego, so we got there at different times. Hotel Ella is so cozy, it was nice to just relax a bit.

Hung around SoCo (south congress street) and ate dinner at Guero's Taco Bar. We had to wait a little bit, bit it was so worth it! The food is yummy and reasonably priced, as well as the drinks.

Did Rainey Street (less crazy than 6th street). It's honestly the cutest little street. All the bars have themes-ish. My favorite one was the Container Bar, which is made entirely out of shipping containers!

Went back to Hotel Ella and played games along with vodka soaked gummy bears! The main game we played was jeopardy - one of my friends had asked Nick all these questions and I had to answer them :)


Woke up and had breakfast. We brought in bagels from Einstein's and had literal breakfast in bed. 

Did CorePower Yoga to start our day right. I wanted to get some exercise in that weekend, just so I was feeling good and this was the perfect start to our day!

Went back to the Hotel to relax by the pool, with Snap Kitchen and Mighty Swell Cocktails (see more of the pool party here!) It was overcast for most of the day, but thank goodness, it didn't rain!

Got ready for our big night out and took pictures. I wanted my girls to be in all black and me be in white, because it is just easier and no one has to wonder what to wear. Also, it prevents someone from accidentally wearing white to your bach weekend... But mainly, it's just so fun to see everyone's styles play out in the same color. My photographer Kelly Costello Photography was there to capture all the moments!

Ate dinner at Searsucker. Yum yum yum! They treated us so well and it was the perfect location to walk the rest of the night (before calling a car to pick us up, no we didn't walk home, haha). I loved the atmosphere, the food, and the cocktails - would go back in a heartbeat!

Made our way to Dirty 6th. Oh 6th street. As a bride you get most things for free, just saying. My friends got some free things too! My favorite bar was The Blind Pig Pub. They have an awesome rooftop and just a fun atmosphere in general! I could have stayed the whole night. I think my favorite memory of that place was that somehow I ran into these Australians who were here through December, accent and all. One girl in particular was like "ohhh my gosh, you're like a real life southern belle!" (hope you read that with an Aussie accent). It was seriously the cutest thing. Another thing was that there were several bachelor parties there and one group was there from...Santa Monica. I was like "um, and why did you come to Austin, TX?" I mean it's great and all but you just left an amazing place. Coincidentally, his wedding is October 29th -  a day after mine!

Ordered Domino's Pizza and feel asleep. Well, we had to have something in our bellies! #NoRegrets


Woke up and drank a ton of water. LOL. My fitness tracker was like "ummmm you have a resting hart rate of 96. Are you dehydrated?" Oops. My resting heart rate is normally in the high 50s/ low 60s.

Had brunch at Chicon. They do everything seasonally and farm to table - so yummy! Not to mention, the atmosphere was darling. Give me all the cacti! It's also right next to Cuvee Coffee, which has awesome craft coffee.

Headed back to real life. So sad to see everyone go, but we had to get back to our day job and loved ones. 

Have you ever been to a bachelorette party in Austin? Did y'all do anything fun or different? 

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Where to Stay in Austin, TX: Hotel Ella

Where to Stay in Austin, TX: Hotel Ella

Bachelorette Pool Party in Austin, Texas at Hotel Ella ft. Snap Kitchen + Mighty Swell

Bachelorette Pool Party in Austin, Texas at Hotel Ella ft. Snap Kitchen + Mighty Swell